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the victim is over sixty years, the high of a taxi driver, his body in the hospital in a timely manner due to four knives,barbour homme, the high of a pull through.4:00 the same day, ready to go home after the high of a shift. Body collapse purse he walked alone in the capital building Square pedestrian street by three young guy stopped his path to ask the school name. He thought it was a lost student, kindly answer, who knows, but head to a knife next to a young man, holding a large spatula to “hold the line.”Within a satchel filled with nearly two days of business models, a struggling high barrier,peuterey prezzi, but was stabbed covered in blood. He only let go,scarpe hogan, watched fanatics took more than 1.

collect nearly 1500 600 hours of video surveillance video data,doudoune pjs, and finally in the small East Gate Under the overpass found: There are three consistent with the victim’s description of young people from here on and off, you can not see the license plate and color,christian louboutin shoes, but you can clearly recognizable taxi is triumph Sega.Wuhan City Management Office police learned that the city has nearly 3000 taxi triumph, involving a number of taxi companies.In 3000 Triumph taxi video,hogan outlet, the police found a taxi accident the night within three passengers and one of them is a screenshot: long hair, grow a baby fat face. After careful identification, this person is holding a knife attack in young people.Chef cooking pot shop caughtVictim recalls the Robber vegetable peeler with a knife like a chef with a knife, and the other tools of crime is an iron spatula with smoke flavor on it. Is robbed cook? They can openly commit crimes in the Optics Valley Square,soldes louboutin, described the workplace is nearby.Carries suspect photo, police in the incident as the center to the periphery of the hotel restaurant stalls Mopai for beware arouse his suspicions,air max pas cher pour homme, they sometimes point dishes,doudoune parajumpers, dishes with reminders pretext of looking into the kitchen. Searching through more than 60 restaurants.

800 yuan in cash.Donghu New Technology Development Zone Kanto police station visited Fan Bin hand specialist organization, to find witnesses, while retrieval of surveillance video around. A cleaner recalls night of the incident,nike france, he saw three young men jumped out of panic, on a car parked taxi,barbour homme, and headed toward the tiger springs from the roadside flower beds at,parajumpers paris, but he did not see the license plate and vehicle color taxi.600 hours of video to identify suspects inFan Bin Zhuo Leopard police along the road towards the Hung Chu Road, Luo Yu Road direction all retrieved surveillance video of all, after nearly half a month to view.

Hotpot restaurant chef wanted to curry favor with the Chinese school girlfriend but cash-strapped,moncler uomo, invited two colleagues holding iron spatula to help, himself armed robbery late chef knife. East New police posing as diners “eat around” Optics Valley each restaurant stalls, and finally in a hot pot restaurant Humou arrested the culprits. Yesterday,parajumpers paris, police announced the new East,zanotti femme, “chef robbery trio” all arrested.The Geling morning robbed of 1,parajumpers pas cher,800 yuanIn June 14 morning,woolrich parka, Capital Tower Plaza Optics Valley Walking Street someone was robbed and injured.

the June 26, the police finally found the Lumo Road, a hot pot restaurant chef on the photo, this time he is cooking dishes after church.