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more than 30 million donation Beijing New Sunshine Charity Foundation donated already spent, her husband was also home to a house mortgage in Langfang.Still twenty thousand yuan a month now,nike air max, swallows computing, and now all deposits can no longer support her husband three weeks of treatment.”Anyway, there are so many friends companionship, we must strive to overcome the difficulties!” Swallow side massage, while encouraging her husband.Text / reporter intern Wei Peng Lu Wei Jiang GuijiaRescue modeAccount Number: 6222000200102048873 Xingyue Bo (ICBC branch in South Lishi)Camera / reporter Jia6 years old, Wuhan girl Ya Peng Jing lost his father and mother had each other since then, began an arduous journey to survive.To allow seriously ill mother happy,abercrombie paris, naive little girl 17 years have never worn a new dress. During the study, in addition to her classes,christian louboutin outlet, but also cater to picking up litter, to Hanzhengjie purchase, open shop and other things to help my mother.Life stress, in her view was “a piece of cake,” my mother happy,air max pas cher enfant, is her greatest comfort. Yesterday,moncler pas cher, reporters learned from the Jianghan University, the school finance department senior Peng Jing was elected “big river moved ten news.

her husband is a criminal wave jump golf management consulting company’s employees,parajumpers homme, if not this sudden illness, they will be a very happy couple.Last October, when two people get married, travel around the world have been similar to the honeymoon. But just a month of marriage, the husband Xingyue Bo suddenly felt abdominal pain, to the hospital after being diagnosed with suffering from acute leukemia. Sudden illness,moncler outlet, so that the lives of the two men suddenly lost color.In February, Xingyue Bo had a bone marrow transplant, surgery was a success.Six months time to get sick since swallow and her husband shuttling between hospital and home “two tier” to truly become world travel elusive dream.”Why do not let friends travel around the world with you, right?” Her husband feel the pain becomes very poor, and his new wife in the micro-blog blog post, I hope to travel abroad and foreign friends,abercrombie france, give yourself a local mail Mr. postcards ideal lover of travel.Received nearly two thousand postcards within a monthJust one month.

microblogging is forwarded 6,000 times,basket louboutin, users from around the world sent postcards to encourage this loving couple through.A French photographer living in his film “Lyon Sunrise” postcard, sent to them,doudoune moncler pas cher, encourage them to maintain the courage and confidence; 123 in Frankfurt,modelli hollister, the Chinese know their story, they jointly sent a Zhang star piece, encourage Mr. Xing strong enough to face difficulties. One in Hangzhou traveling friends, specially in Hangzhou buy dozens of postcards sent to them.Until yesterday, there are postcards and blessings are flowing Mr. Xing mailbox.”Look postcard every day is the happiest thing.” After dinner every day, swallow nestling in her husband will enjoy the postcards.19:00 yesterday, the reporter went to Mr. Xing and his wife swallows in Changping rented room, nearly two thousand postcards, a full double bed are placed high.Someone in the postcard sent also sent several thousand dollars for charity.Treatment models support only two are still three weeks tide over the crisisIt is reported that,barbour femme, due to raise enough to buy a house, married two “dwelling” in the mother swallows located in a more than 50 square meters of public housing Shahe. Recently,abercrombie, public houses are being demolished, they only go to Changping renting.With everyone’s encouragement and blessing, Xingyue Bo feeling much better, but the thought of high medical expenses,christian louboutin sale, which is newly married couple living in gloom still covered with a layer of light.Treatment costs have spent more than 80 million.

” one candidate.Interview, Peng Jing,escarpins louboutin, who refers to himself as a mother Wangqing Fu wrote an article: my next life, I want to be your mom!Text / correspondent correspondent Yu Weng Xiaobo Liu Xun Luo Jiajia pure internMap / reporter Shaowen LiSenior Girl: Mom, my next life I’ll be your mother!An accident,chaussures louboutin, become paradise cellarPeng Jing was born in 1988 in Wuhan, an ordinary family, parents in Wuchang Zhongshan road runs an electronics repair shop. Although there is not much wealth, but a three enjoyable, harmonious neighborhood relations.Peng Jing remember as a child my mother like riding a bike around the street crying, “electrical repair it!” And she stood bike Lou Zili, together with her mother crying.In 1994, a disaster shattered Peng Jing happiness: father and cousin at work,barbour paris, accidentally causing the oxygen tank explosion,louboutin shoes, two were killed on the spot, a hostess upstairs also bombed and severely wounded.Peng Jing recalled: “That, I do not know how it is just the same evening a neighbor’s uncle asked me to his house to eat and sleep … so I saw my mother when she has been in a coma in the hospital many times, totally. not before her. “The accident, was identified as the father of improper operation.

you need to compensate the loss of the victim’s upstairs. Almost a day at home all the valuable things, tricycles, bicycles, including BP machines were taken away.Mom came back from the hospital, at home in addition to rice, nothing. Mother and daughter took out all the money, add a five. Enough to buy a bottle of fermented bean curd in the store, this is their next two weeks all meals.