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just enhance safety awareness, access to close the door, valuables leave the body, can effectively reduce the risk of theft, so the thief no opportunity.(Reporter correspondent Wang Dongsheng Tao Tang Huaming fire should) yesterday morning, port warehouse Xinzhou District Central Primary School held the opening ceremony, 20 students to parents feet scene sparked controversy. Some people believe that this show is suspected there; it was also felt that the children of parents gently rub feet, sweet in the parents’ hearts.Yesterday’s opening ceremony, more than 1,nike air max femme,000 students and teachers to recite in unison, “Students”, listen Edong woman Sinology education instructors speak of “filial piety culture class.” Next,christian louboutin for cheap, the 20 student teams from the chair to the hot side, the scene of their own parents, please, grandparents sit down, kneel feet to the elders at the scene,abercrombie soldes, as well as the teacher to the student demonstrations.Fourth graders Binbin is to give her 58 year old grandmother Huangbao Ju feet. Child’s parents something.

a “pro forma”, there is a sense of a show, the strengthening of moral education of students, by the long-term educational, not a two- active energy achievements.In this regard,woolrich parka, eastern Hubei Women Studies Education instructors Luo Yiming member commented: a primary school should obey their parents,abercrombie, Thanksgiving teachers and classmates. Only by establishing a heart Filial order to overcome the difficulties on the road of life, realize their dreams.Head of Central Elementary School port warehouse that was chosen in the opening ceremony of the students arrange to parents feet, particularly considering the school, hope that through this activity carry forward the traditional culture of filial piety, help students to establish a correct outlook on life and values,christian louboutin outlet, shaping noble character,christian louboutin cheap, develop good habits.DNA test results show that the 55-year-old Song Moumou 18-year-old mentally retarded girl is really small Swiss (a pseudonym).

a small Swiss do not eat also vomiting. Upon inquiry, the small Swiss about what happened that day, December 31, parents of small Swiss police. Song Moumou when police investigation, Song Moumou denied, to January 14, with two police to the Fourth Military Medical University forensic forensic identification of blood.”Before identification, we gave the suspect’s family notice before, let the suspect not to leave home,tiffany milano, and can do it on call.” Zhou police reports,christian louboutin pas cher, but after this happened, Song Moumou family because I felt embarrassed and move home, in order not to arouse his suspicions, the police have been in contact Song Moumou’s family.

55-year-old, named Little Swiss girl, who just turned 18 years old, mentally retarded, the second person department Lantian man, in the same village. The reason the Department commissioned a small Swiss father to the police station, said the small Swiss in the summer of 2013 was raped Song Moumou, resulting pregnancy,veste barbour, but Song Moumou denied.The staff said, was identified,hollister soldes, found the aborted fetus is small Swiss Song Moumou biological child. 17 am, the police removed the identification results.Suspects jingfangxingju”Report to retrieve, you can determine the suspect is his, but we did not the first time publicly, for fear he knew to escape.” Zhou police officers handling the case described, one day in September 2013, because there are people in the village wedding, perennial Song Moumou scavenging county back to the village. The small Swiss father working outside year round, the mother also went to a wedding day to help others. Song Moumou took the opportunity to go home and raped little small Rui Rui, after small Swiss did not mention this to his family.Until December 2013.

Huangbao Ju instead attend. She believes that the school well in this event, the past is always an adult to a child feet, “the boy bravely today that many people face when my feet, I felt the joy and happiness when she fleshy little hand touch When my feet,christian louboutin sale, my heart really sweet. “The move also attracted opposition from some parents, it was felt the kids to school is a learning-based, feet such a thing,red bottoms, it is a trivial matter, at home, you can teach children to do. Some parents said that in such a grand opening ceremony, so that dozens of students on the spot to the elders feet.

Lee criminal recordsTheft Career: 2006 began to steal, so far “into the line” 10 years, and then from Beijing to Hangzhou, Ningbo,christian louboutin uk, after stealing the country, was sentenced to four times. Ningbo theft in a month, 20 cases of crime, is being transferred Haishu Procuratorate.Features: no breaking, do not take the weapon, not gang crime. “Alone” were removed from the hospital, a single apartment, who more messy place to see the house that no one or someone out,moncler soldes, take aim, bags,zanotti homme, mobile phone, wallet and other items, eye grassland, swaggering into the house to steal items quickly “flash people “The whole process is no more than a minute. The main process is “a steal, two plugs, three slip, four looking.”Security Guide: Lee’s “technology” is not superb, but others take advantage of the guard’s mentality. Deal with this thief.

the father of the fetus conceived. Recently, Lantian police through DNA bioassay, cracked rape women with intellectual disabilities caused by her pregnancy cases, the suspects have been Jingfangxingju Song Moumou.DNA bioassays confirmed suspectsJanuary 14,hollister pas cher, at the Fourth Military Medical University, where forensic forensic,scarpe hogan, two police from Lantian County Public Security Bureau, with a middle-aged man and a 18-year-old mentally retarded girl, and placenta after abortion of girls, commissioned the fourth Military Medical University Forensic Forensic Forensic Sciences, in order to prove whether the fetus has a middle-aged man with the parent-child relationship.”We live a middle-aged man and collected the girl’s fingertip blood and placental tissue.” The forensic Forensic a staff member said, according to the police said that this was the case, we must determine whether the middle-aged man is pregnant with baby girls father. January 17, the reporter saw the identification power of attorney, the attorney said, middle-aged man surnamed Song.