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Yu uncle wife will be escorted to the outside in the sun.At present, the cause of the fire and the loss of the fire is still under investigation, remedial work has been carried out. WCC reporter Lu Jiali � “At first she sent a private letter, I did not notice, the number too much, I’m actually a bit ignorant.” � “I like her, she said, with his family,nike air max pas cher, which over time will bring home to meet the parents,zanotti pas cher, thank you for the blessing.” � In addition to the ice king day, the other four actor has no “off single” messageApril 2, Chengdu Wuhou Public Security Bureau has issued five list microblogging body police “blind date” files for single police Personals (WCC has been reported).Yesterday,moncler doudoune, known as the “sunshine otaku” Three men @ day ice ICE microblogging suddenly announced the “de-list” message.Subsequently, the Wuhou Public Security Bureau official microblogging confirmed 25-year-old king day Interpol ice become a “single police rescue” program first official “de-list” of people.Three men and a single off the fans do not conceal the lost girlYesterday 1:00.

after firefighters struggling to put out the fire was eventually extinguished. Unfortunately,hollister soldes, a pair of over eighty years old couple was killed in the fire.Source: Anhui TV “Super News games’Let surrounding residents marvel is: the husband had had the opportunity to escape,hollister soldes, be confined to bed for many years in order to save his wife,abercrombie fitch, he decided to burst into flames …The old man rushed back to the flames to save his wifeHaining Yang is a graphic design studio staff, Kip Stone Street Studios in the people in the district, Building 25 on the first floor of a room. Upstairs there lived an old couple.Yesterday around 7:40, Mr. Yang was at work, to live in the district where the panic surnamed Xu aunt who ran upstairs fire.Yang Xu aunt quickly and ran outside. They see the second floor of the south-facing balcony is filled with smoke. Balcony,chaussure louboutin pas cher, living room, the old man in the face charred Xunde fire.Old man after seeing Yang and Xu aunt quickly asked: “? 119 hit it.”Xu aunt hear quickly replied: “fight,doudoune moncler femme, fight, do not you standing on the balcony into the house, and we find a way to save you.” Then,doudoune moncler homme, Mr. Yang and Xu aunt rushed upstairs together. Yang kicked open the door, inside the house full of smoke can and can not see the inside of the case. So they had to go downstairs, went to the balcony below, facing the old man shouted:. “Fire the way, so you do not move on the balcony.”Subsequently.

male Route @ day ice ICE announced on microblogging “I finally met the heart of the people,” thousands of fans in a short time become a hot topic.”A look back and see a land of broken heart … bless you,hollister site officiel, ah, police girlfriend is not easy to do, especially in criminal investigation police girlfriend is more difficult,christian louboutin paris, I hope you can have a good go!” Netizens “Zi Xuan Dong E” comment cited to resonate with a lot of friends. In more than 300 piecesThread,hollister site officiel, most netizens expressed wishes. Of course, there are not conceal his teenage fans lost,abercrombie & fitch, “although a little sad.

wrapped in blankets old couple was sent to the 120 ambulance.Afterward, the reporter learned from the hospital,abercrombie et fitch, which is when the husband and wife to the hospital, the two body had been burned.Yesterday on the scene, talking about the victims of this old couple,magasin hollister, surrounded by many residents marvel. A resident surnamed Zhang told reporters,abercrombie soldes, leaving the old man surnamed Yu, 84 years old this year, Granny Xing Hu, 80 years old this year.The residents said Yu Hu Granny and Grandpa married 50 years, and has been very affectionate,nike tn pas cher, very good feeling. Three years ago, Hu has been bedridden old woman. To this end, Yu uncle’s children had proposed to hire a nanny to take care of the old lady at home. But Yu uncle did not agree, insist on its own to take care of his wife. When the weather is nice.

Yang ran the second floor,barbour shop online, but this time out of the house in flames has begun channeling, he could not come in.Then,doudoune moncler femme, the scene took place is sad, worried about his wife’s safety, despite the downstairs crowd grandfather’s advice,hollister abercrombie, decided to burst into flames.Neighbor sigh: Granny bedridden for three years,louboutin homme pas cher, the old man never betrayAfter the fire, the fire brigade immediately dispatched Haining four fire engines rushed to the scene a total of 22 firefighters.After arrived,barbour france, firefighters rapid fire, but several firefighters rushed to put the fire rescue fire service.Unfortunately, however, such as when firefighters rushed into the house,barbour paris, the house of the old couple have died.Soon, the fire was extinguished. 8:40 or so.

the Guangzhou Municipal Health Bureau of Medical Affairs,hollister femme, responsible person on the incident, said:. “During working at the hospital admissions of patients certainly not wrong, really high fever for children,basket louboutin femme, it should open up the green channel priority treatment” Currently,barbour paris, Yuexiu District Health Bureau She has received a complaint and has been to the hospital for investigation. Relevant responsible person said, if true, would be in accordance with the laws and regulations of the hospital made the punishment.”Just give me a call the hospital on the day of the practice apologized, claiming default.” 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, She told reporters that the hospital attitude change, she hopes this event to promote their improvement services.Hospital respondsFever to the hospital really first dealOn the matter,basket louboutin femme, the Express reporter interviewed yesterday,barbour shop online, Yuexiu District staff at Children’s Hospital emergency department, and the other said:. “Nightly emergency number only 140, even if not yet reached the working hours, as long as the number is not covered admissions.” But it explains, “the hospital is required, high fever for children generally first-related processing, such as body temperature,giuseppe zanotti sneakers, eat antipyretics, hit fever needles,magasin hollister, but also to prevent children vomiting, coma and other emergency situations.Yesterday around 7:40, located in Jiaxing City, Haining Kip Stone Street People in the district of an old residential building suddenly caught fire.