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young people really be able to achieve “happiness dream” yet? Have enough psychological tests showed that happiness is a subjective understanding,nike air max, not directly affected by external factors, income and subjective well-being is not related. Yue Xiaodong believe that personality and attitude to life on SWB has a decisive role. Similarly, the “off” survey also coincident with this judgment, for the well-being of young people to understand, 38% of people tend to have a complete and harmonious family is happy, 23.9 percent of people think is to have peace of mind healthy, 10.4% of people think that doing the things you like. In addition, people’s understanding of happiness also includes a high quality of life to enjoy, with the cause,cheap christian louboutin shoes, have the freedom to make more money, have their own house, whenever he woke up every day and have a good environment.As a young group, still vibrant and positive support they withstood the pressure, continue to move forward, “the young is wealth” is not just self-comforting them in front of their parents, it is confident about the future. Survey, age advantage boomer respondents become a major upgrade happiness weight.”Age advantage of young people, and in that they have a chance to make mistakes, epistemic.

more and more pay,christian louboutin pas cher, but Irene felt less and less happy moments. Until she brought his parents to Shanghai to live with tasty dishes, silly soap opera,hollister italia, both because of his family’s become so interesting. Irene began dispensable turned down overtime and spend little of her annual leave and parents are planning to travel.Both ends of the work and life,christian louboutin outlet, always like balance, the balance can maintain balance, the key depends on what you put weight on the weight of the tray. Germany’s “Time Management Pope” Lothar on how to maintain a balance between the two wrote “Golden Rule Work-life balance,nike store,” to work among young people drowned in the question – why do you need to do these things? Are you, like everyone else blindly busy day it? Work-life imbalance break the deadlock, this book gives a very important rule,moncler soldes, as Irene is done.

give up dispensable thing,christian louboutin men, do the most important thing in life.Intense work,doudoune parajumpers, in addition to life for young people to enjoy a relaxed, more is the way they hope to obtain happiness. “Off” The survey results show that young people to enhance well-being in the way,abercrombie, the top five are with his family, traveling, watching movies,christian louboutin sale, and friends,christian louboutin pas cher, eat food.Not enough money to spend is the most happy thing”If you say that I really like, maybe you would not say tomorrow, because tomorrow I may be very lonely,abercrombie france, because I did not have a car no bills rise, but no gold bracelet …” song network song “no money” young people love to sing the face of uncertainty, and their pressure. Money,parajumpers femme, for young people, perhaps the source of stress and blocking the road trip before.”Off” The survey also showed such a reality.

so that young people feel most unhappy options,doudoune moncler pas cher, 45.9% of the candidates have enough money to spend, 35.3% of the candidates do not like dry work,christian louboutin cheap, 34.7% of respondents believe is working too hard.Are young people to bear than other age greater pressure? 65.7% of young people believe that 22.6% of young people said that is not to say that only 11.7% of young people denied. In the “2014 China well-off happiness index” for which age the easiest life unhappy survey,parajumpers femme, regardless of what age level of the respondents,red bottom shoes for women, are considered to be in youth 23 to 34 years of the most unhappy.Harvard University psychology Dr. Yue Xiaodong believes that many young people today live under great pressure, especially those dwelling in the cities of the “ant”, is facing a desperate survival, resulting in a negative, anxious, no psychological state insecurity.However, pockets more drums.