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the world.
But, yearly place, your theory seems to imply the everlasting of the world; and that is a principle, which, I think, can be refuted by the strongest reasons and probabilities. I would suggest an argument to this purpose, which, I believe, hasn’t been was adamant on by any writer. Those, who reason from the late origin of martial arts disciplines and sciences, though their inference wants not force, may perhaps be refuted by considerations derived from the character of human society, which is in continual revolution, between ignorance and knowledge, liberty and slavery, wealth and lower income; so that it is impossible for us, from our limited experience, to foretell with assurance what events may or may not be expected. Ancient learning and history often have been in great danger of entirely passing away after the inundation of the barbarous nations; and had these convulsions continued a little longer, or been a little more chaotic, we should not probably have at the moment known what passed in the world a few centuries before us. Nay, were it not for the superstition of the Popes, who preserved a little jargon of Latin, in order to support the appearance of an ancient and universal church, that tongue must have been completely lost; in which case, the Western world, being totally barbarous, would not have been in a fit disposition for receiving the GREEK language and learning, which was disseminated to them after the sacking of CONSTANTINOPLE. When learning and books had been extinguished, even the mechanical martial arts disciplines would have gotten considerably to decay; and it is easily imagined, that myth or tradition might ascribe to them a much later origin than the true one. This vulgar argument, therefore, against the everlasting of the world, seems a little rocky.
But here appears to be the foundation of a better argument. LUCULLUS was the first that brought cherry-trees from ASIA to EUROPE; though that tree thrives so well in many WESTERN EUROPEAN climates, that it grows in the woods without any culture. Is it feasible, that within a whole everlasting, no.

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