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The farmer mountain spring bottled water should be admitted: tap water standard for the bottom lineAccording to the “Labor News” reported, according to related media news, recently, the farmer mountain spring announced the company chairman bell 衐 in the official micro-blog on 2008; 衐 a speech, which explicitly put forward the “bottled water should be based on the” drinking water health standards “as the bottom line”. The farmer mountain spring official micro-blog announced the speech,nike free run women, from the chairman bell 衐 衐 the September 19, 2008 speech at the “2008 China International Packaging of drinking water summit”. 衐 衐 made clear in his speech: “bottled water should be based on the” drinking water health standards “as the bottom line, and should enable higher, with reference to the international advanced level of the standard, to the benefit of the people”, “the farmer mountain spring has been in the building to promote the drinking water standard”. 衐 衐 also pointed out: “unfortunately, in the formulation of bottled drinking water standard of our country, is ambiguous on whether China should follow the” drinking water health standards “the safe minimum standard attitude”. Recently, the farmer mountain spring through the official micro-blog announced a supposedly “164 full” detection of American national testing laboratory report,Nike Roshe Run, to avoid standard issue is media questioned, continue to claim that “product quality is better than that of the United States of America comprehensive FDA bottled drinking water quality standards”. According to the bottles (barrels) standard sanitary standard for drinking water and tap water, bottled water must meet the water requirements, and water for the water quality is: when to use surface water as drinking water, shall be in accordance with the GB3838 “surface water environment quality standard” requirement. Reporter than Zhejiang landmarks on the water quality requirements and GB3838 on water quality standard limits found in important index, cadmium, selenium and so on, Zhejiang landmark of water does not reach the standards for tap water, only to comply with class III water and V water requirements, some projects restrictions even class V water don’t reach. Class IV water mainly applies to general industrial water and the human body non-direct contact with recreational water; class V water for agricultural water use and the general landscape water. In this regard,nike free run womens, the netizen shout out: the farmer mountain spring, you don’t beat around the Bush, the quality of the products is higher than that of the United States of America standard? The moon rises above the standards are not used, low requirements of local standards is to hurt you! Industry experts have said the same, even if the finished water quality of the farmer mountain spring is the best in the world, also cannot be used to explain the media questioned the “low” problem, because in today’s science and technology, a lot of lightly polluted water after advanced treatment,buy nike free run, can reach or even exceed the standards for tap water. (Oriental)


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