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While the small kylin current strength, think of that level, I’m afraid he is in practice a hundreds of thousands of years may not be able to achieve. Therefore, Kronos think with big cheap, Le mouth closes not approach.His joy, red is more happy than he.Not as easy as blowing off dust, will regain the lion heart. And it didn’t cost a penny, will be low-grade artifact thousands of pieces, let the gold hoop stick even rise level two. More importantly,nike mercurial cr7, he also free Huyou a powerful “”Kronos is a gas of the gods, the strength of far less than the original,adidas football boots, but also better than the “red false gods before rein the gun” tough too much. Can say, Kronos is the red men, in addition to the monkey king second.But, although Sun Wukong is God teach elders, but he did not listen to the words of the red. The key is the monkey face, general opponent, he doesn’t even bother to hand…… While Kronos is different, now red to his treatment far stronger than him on their own, in order to keep the “golden rice bowl”, do not have red urge, Kronos will consciously. As the words: you know the short, not to play on.Uh…… This sentence seems not appropriate. However, the enthusiasm of the Cronus is beyond doubt. This not, just join gods teach, Kronos on the big table loyal, urgent how to ask what tasks without red…… Moreover, Kronos is also very “generous” to Kronos temple, that more than ten artifact remaining, donated to their teaching,, as to teach etiquette. (reality are stronger than people, not by the old goods do not donate ah)This more than a dozen low-level artifact, for already rose to 4 gold hoop stick, although has become not essential, but the Reds to backbone reward red will, is still quite presentable.Moreover, Kronos can not alone to join their teaching, he took nearly a million followers,uk football boots, join gods teach. Although the general congregation of poor strength, not into the red eyes, but Cronos had men, there are a lot of strength tough NP oracle. These NP our strength, and even than the gun is strong many, even the system of city castellan et al, I’m afraid not their opponents.And these are not red, the biggest harvest. The biggest gain is Kronos can produce artifactAs long as the Reds can provide enough materials, G Luonuoluo can produce amount of artifact while making an artifact of the material with the same value does not poor, but compared to the finished artifact value, that is the price of cabbage.If not because of decreased Kronos strength, just a no official in the body of God cannot be idle, manufacturing artifact massive materials, by virtue of his skills, he will not fall so come down in the world.But the red nations not only has one hundred thousand mountain this mineral rich treasure, and red is exclusive Malila channel so far, the red nations has proven Malila Strait area, there have been five one hundred thousand mountain so high, all kinds of resources, rather than.

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