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I have done a lot of things,tom ford shoes, done a lot of jobs. On the network,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, I made a post there are 56 cents,louboutin paris, a year down there almost 90,barbour,000 yuan of income, I feel strong doing this than working.WCC: Lately, the country in the fight against Internet rumors, such as Qin fire fire, you should be more clear.Chen Fei: Yes, I also saw the news. So from the beginning of this month, we have no postings and microblogging. But to me and Qin fire fire, he is a network disinformation and fraud, but I’m just a spectator, I never take the initiative to slander others. I think those things I did wrong, but I do not think it is illegal.WCC: contact you online is how the business?Chen Fei: I will go to various forums, microblogging.

speculation and other events 2153 times PayPal account income 395,louboutin paris,965.2 yuan. August 28, the two allegedly online for profit,air max femme pas cher, speculation spread rumors, disturb, was Xichang Jingfangxingju.District arrested suspectsAccording to the police Xichang,nike tn pas cher magasin, August 19, according to the Provincial Public Security Bureau clues live in Xichang City, Chen Fei, Shen Ming two, registered a large number of online forums and microblogging accounts, alleged disinformation and other criminal networks.After receiving the clue, Liangshan Prefecture, Xichang City Public Security Bureau immediately organized the police set up a task force to investigate. After eight days of investigation and evidence collection.

police identify two men suspected of basic online for profit, speculation spread rumors,christian louboutin pas cher, disturb the situation and locked the two addresses.August 28 morning, the police came to Chang’an Road No. 62 Changan Xichang City, Garden District. After the police knocked on the door several times, Chen Fei uneasy door, also stood behind a kitchen knife.Subsequently, the police will be Chen Fei, Shen Ming control. At the scene, police seized a laptop 1, 3 mobile phones,louboutin pas cher, bank cards 2, light cat one.Rumor speculation 2153 timesChen Fei, 28, 30 years old this year,nike tn 2014, Shen Ming,hollister outlet, both husband and wife are Nanchong Pengan people.According to the police investigation, since 2012, another in Liangshan Chuan Lin Chen Fei at five three one unit on the 2nd, 6th Floor, Chang’an Road Xichang City, Garden District No. 62 Changan a unit two places opened the Internet, then the network of public relations, networking to promote the name of a large number of people gathered for the purpose of profit.

to carry out a large number of Internet rumors spread speculation, disturb activities.Two in Mop, the People’s Daily, Netease blog, Baidu Post Bar,tn, End of the World and other forums, as well as Sina,nike air max pas cher, Tencent microblogging,air max femme pas cher, registered more than 3300 accounts, adding more than 100 QQ group, engaged in activities such as network hype. Among them, Tencent microblogging accounts have 1324,christian louboutin pas cher, more than 1,100 People accounts, Mop account 492, Baidu Post Bar 211.Both online after receiving tasks from “the home” at hand, by his own account registered post, each post to charge 0.4 to 0.7 yuan. On the other hand, will be part of the post task distributed “under the house” and earn the difference from 0.2 to 0.4 yuan per post. After posting the task is completed, “the home” through Paypal, pay compensation to two.Police their Alipay transaction records to print out a thick pile. Contents of the above, many of the top income forums,air max pas cher, such as access to a full-time post. They also have nearly 200 the number of fans from 500000-10000 ranging list microblogging, microblogging on these send a message, the price from 70-10 yuan range.The investigation, from January 2012 to date, Shen Ming PayPal account total income 395,965.2 yuan, the two were involved in the online rumors, speculation and other events 2153 times.Facing each other “I feel better than doing this work.”Yesterday morning,chaussure louboutin pas cher, the West China City Daily reporter went to see the Xichang City Detention Center, Chen Fei, wearing a pair of slippers, lanky, with a tired face and a little anxiety. Facing the camera, he asked: Can not beat the face? Then he turned his back to reporters, the short answer to the three questions.WCC: Why did you choose to do this trip on a network?Chen Fei: This is just a means of my livelihood. Over the years.