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no experience,nike tn 2014, income is only 500 yuan. Is this money, he can not bear to subsidize life,parajumpers homme, but also for its first debt.The next year, the small daughter SUN uphill work to help his father, broke his ankle rolled down the hillside. The year that income has a debt, no money to go to the hospital, Li Chu to use homemade treat to daughter, I did not expect sequelae small daughter’s leg has been limping.Third year, talk of the town earn 3,000 yuan … year after year, the talk of the town Tianma species better,hollister milano, getting better benefits. In recent years,piumini peuterey, talk of the town’s annual income reached 30,000 yuan.For decades, he was a sum to repay, a one to sell IOUs.2000 yuan of debt, 5 years down,christian louboutin for cheap, even with american up much of the 4800 yuan. Talk of the town is also on.A maximum of arrears, talk of the town took three years to pay off. That was the year the villagers Raoli Ding lent him $ 10,000, plus interest on a total of 12,000 yuan. One day in December 2010,louboutin heels, Li Chu third door, finally pay off this debt. So far, he has to pay off all the debt principal and interest, total repayments over 80,000 yuan.”Then lend money to the village and set up factories.

is directed at the trust talk of the town. Can really did not think he was old by planting Tianma,parajumpers france, bring so much money to pay off.” said. That day, a bent left Raoli Ding hear his meal, so stick for his faith.”Debt is also finished, I have that down, and to take care of grandchildren in their old age.” The reporter asked hear his next plan, he said happily.Talk of the town decided to down the mountain, in fact, there is a reason. After a decade of trial and error, he developed a method of planting Tianma. Wild bamboo pool village has set up Gastrodia planting base, hired him to do the technical guidance, and then take him to the villagers to get rich. “This confidence,basket louboutin, because there is the experience of the thing!” Chu Li said with a smile.? ? A ripple social hot “debt savages”For decades, Li Chu with their own actions, serve the public practice of a party member of the faith,doudoune moncler, the courage to play the character and conduct uphold integrity. After his story spread, caused a strong reaction in the community.

Up is to repay the debt.” Li Chu said.For decades, he lived like a primitive savage life: taking trod their own way,parajumpers paris, the point is that the branches with pine oil “light”, lived in an abandoned mud hut, drinking spring seasons often eat is their own species cultivated corn and wild mountains.Every day dawn,Giuseppe Zanotti, Li Chu to get up, do some cornmeal for breakfast,barbour pas cher, after eating ground to walk around and see whether wild boar ruined too,modelli hollister, give Tianma weed pest, and then to come back to the mountains to pick up some branches for firewood, can not sleep at night, was wary of wild boar, wolves wounding.”Mountain boar and more often to arch my field, but also spoil Tianma. One night,red bottom shoes for women, four or five wild boar eat my corn together. I use firecrackers,louboutin, even with a call roar scare them.” Li Chu pointing Tianma few places on the hillside said.Just up the hill, his wife Zhangxue Rong suited to such a savage like life, often scolded him “get a bunch of debt,chaussures louboutin, followed him suffer commit a sin.” To improve the lives of his wife, Li Chu literally down the back back with a 300 kilos of stone mill for grinding corn to his wife to eat. See him bent, his wife no longer complain.In early 2006, the youngest son of Li Chu unfortunate migrant workers die abroad. Lao Li distraught,louboutin shoes, After cooking funeral terminal one. Eldest son, the second son of an accident afraid of his father, advised him not up to the mountains. The talk of the town can be stubborn to say, do not pay off the debt I never down. He wiped away tears, went back to the hill.For decades,abercrombie, Li Chu down a handful of times. He goes down only two purposes, first organizational life, and second home debt.The first year of the mountain, because the beginning of Tianma try.