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Professor Jiang Hello!Rui: Professor Jiang, could you give us from a macro perspective to explain this change of economic and trade ties between China and Japan to bring meaning.Jiang Ruiping: Just the film has direct trading of the RMB and the yen,hollister online, the enterprise, the impact on other aspects of doing some of the more microscopic, but also more detailed analysis. Personally, I think from a higher level, a wider perspective,christian louboutin pas cher, such a major change to do an evaluation. First, we believe that such an initiative should be in the process of Sino-Japanese economic cooperation among forward a major step forward,hollister, there are two effects, first of all it is itself the Sino-Japanese economic cooperation, particularly in financial cooperation, recent progress very Fast field inside a major initiative. We note, for example,air jordan spizike pas cher, at the end of last year,nike tn 2014, Noda’s visit to China, the Japanese government launched a high-profile Chinese want to buy $ 10 billion debt. Prior to this, the Chinese government has invested in Japanese government bonds,air max femme pas cher, what does this mean? Means financial cooperation Sino-Japanese economic cooperation is relatively new.

this will change the price of the dollar, a dominant situation.Industrial Bank chief economist Lu political commissar: I think as time goes on the price of RMB yen will have more autonomy to get rid of a strong state dollarsCenter for Japanese Studies,christian louboutin paris, Fudan University Professor Wei Feng believes that the renminbi and Japanese direct exchange, it will increase the purchasing power of the yen in the import market.Center for Japanese Studies, Fudan University researcher Wei Feng: appreciation of the yen mainly affect it (Japan) and China’s exports,nike air max pas cher, but it is not primarily a lot of it is entirely export goods are imported from China can even be said that the yen’s appreciation not only no harm even benefitStudio InterviewDiplomatic Dean Professor Jiang RuipingWe note that the yen is in addition to the dollar and the yuan to carry out the first major direct foreign currency transactions. This will be China’s foreign trade and what impact? Whether it would involve our foreign exchange management system? Today we are very happy to go to the studio diplomatic Dean Professor Jiang Ruiping.

the company’s main business is exporting to Japan, solar and other energy saving equipment. Speaking renminbi and the yen exchange direct impact on the export business brought Wang Guangming said, which of course is good for business. But now he is most worried about is that if the export tax rebate cancellation, the company’s products are exported to Japan may lose competitiveness.East Motor Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office Wang Guangming: We export to Japan, solar rechargeable lantern battery Tianyang can we use dollars to buy when the price is $ 20,nike air jordan pas cher, then it will be even greater quantities again to below $ 20 but discount If the country with 100 yuan to buy,barbour, then it is more than a 150 yuan a priceWang Guangming told reporters that in the long run,toms online sale, the direct convertibility of the RMB and the yen will reduce transaction costs and exchange rate risks. However,tn, he also found that in the course of a long-term deal and Japanese companies, the renminbi acceptance and promotion in Japan remains to be the test of time.East Motor Industry Co., Ltd. Shanghai Representative Office Wang Guangming: I have also been reports of a number of related companies in Japan, the Japanese government accepted the yuan this one it will be given appropriate to promote and strengthen the work of some advance information in this regardIn 2011, China and Japan amounted to 344.9 billion US dollars in trade, of which 60% are settled in US dollars,tn, China and Japan need to do this every year to the US central bank to deliver a huge fee. After the direct convertibility of RMB and the yen is expected to Sino-Japanese trade will save huge costs annually. Market participants believe that in the long run.

then of course he’s Tokyo headquarters and it will bear the risk of a lot of dollars, the exchange of a riskXurui Fu told reporters that the RMB against the US dollar is relatively stable, predictable, so the company did not conduct hedging in the foreign exchange market, and large fluctuations in the yen and the dollar, there is a certain exchange rate risk, the current Sino-Japanese Trade must first be converted into the local currency after the US dollar to settle, the higher exchange costs, the RMB against the yen after the direct exchange, costs should decline, the company will make some adjustment on the part of the business,tn pas cher, but how much lower specific energy costs have is not yet known.Vice president of Fuji Photo Film (China) Investment Co., Ltd. Xurui Fu: The renminbi and the yen can redeem this policy was released, we were on our intuition of our business should be of great positive significance, should be able to import enterprises in the future goods, on the exchange rate may reduce many of the costs of it, how much to reduce the cost, of course, there will be specific, we have not had time to figure forecastWhen reformDetails of the RMB against the yen is not out of fear the elimination of export enterprises in ShanghaiDirect trading of RMB and the yen reduces the company’s exchange rate risk and transaction costs,chaussure louboutin pas cher, however, the reporter in Shanghai survey,air max pas cher, as well as some export companies worried business will no longer enjoy preferential export tax rebates,air max femme pas cher, and if so, export The product may lose the price advantage.Wang Guangming is the head of a business in Shanghai representative office in Japan.