nike tn 2014 “three semester system” teaching being implemented reform

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Hefei University Logistics is responsible for a person admitted to reporters, some successful college experience can play a demonstration effect,nike tn 2014, but also on other schools constitute a certain pressure. “Especially in the same city,tn pas chere, or separated by a wall,air max femme pas cher, two levels comparable schools, home improvement people, you do not wear, some justified,christian louboutin paris, it may even affect the school’s brand image.” In his view,hollister abercrombie, “install air conditioning is the trend . “Leasing model to solve financial problems”Different schools’ financial situation is not the same, but you can not simply say, installed air conditioning school,toms, just because they have ample funding.” Emerald Lake in Hefei University campus logistics department heads pottery plant’s view.

three years longer lease … 1180 yuan,tn nike pas cher, the lower the rent.But for students.

gradually recovering costs through increased accommodation, but it takes the price department approval,hollister pas cher, difficult to implement.Second, school-wide investment by way of purchase or school alumni donations, providing free,nike tn, but charged for electricity. In his opinion, these, if the student used improperly,chaussures louboutin pas cher, air conditioning loss, depreciation fast, you need to invest to update the machine again.Through the rental model,air max, “the school as a third party to carry out the supervision of the lease, the lessor students and direct contracts, follow-conditioning repair and maintenance and operation of quality can be fully guaranteed.” As a result, not only eliminates the need for air conditioning purchased fee, you can also contract the students use to regulate the behavior of the beam.According to him,christian louboutin, in accordance with the provisions of the contract, air conditioning lessors twice a year for maintenance, while a 24-hour emergency service points in the campus. “In this way, eliminating the maintenance costs, but also solve the problem of machine maintenance.”Programs developed on the basis of the school, students with bedroom units, voluntarily install an application. By lease time fee is 300 yuan each air-conditioning half year 500 yuan,louboutin paris, 880 yuan for two years.

“The purpose of all the logistical work, are serving in teaching and training.” In China Division Vice President Zhou seems to Italy, the school dormitory install air conditioning is the most important layer of meaning, “three semester system” teaching being implemented reform, good supporting work.According to him,tn, the school was established “air conditioning Project Management Group” has a special “team teaching”,louboutin homme pas cher, is to coordinate the relationship between logistics and teaching reform of. It is intended to introduce the first week, ever since the school installed air conditioning, often have college counterparts to visit, for the installation of air conditioning related matters. In this regard.

“the key is to look at the school where to spend the money,christian louboutin pas cher, how to spend? “Since May of this year, Hefei University of Technology began to Emerald Lake campus dormitories with air-conditioning. Currently,barbour femme, the 4006 quarters have over 2000 student dormitories fitted with air conditioning, installation rate of 52.4 percent.However, these air-conditioning costs, the school does not want to pay, therefore eliminating the need for nearly a million of the purchase price.”We are currently implementing install air conditioning in the ‘mainstream models’, that lease.” According to Tao plant, at present, Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Fudan University, Jiangnan University and other universities have adopted this model. I know that a lot of air conditioning sales have begun to capture the campus opportunities, take the initiative to negotiate with colleges and universities to provide leasing services, every college tender, the strength of air conditioning companies competing to participate.Previously, the relevant departments of Hefei University of Technology, through field visits and telephone counseling,red bottom men shoes, etc., on 12 domestic universities, air-conditioned dormitory conducted an investigation, on this basis, the students conducted a survey to finalize this model .According to the analysis of pottery plant, how to solve their own air-conditioning costs, currently there are three modes: one school first funded the installation.