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although no parent guidance, but the vast achievements have been no need for him to worry about. “Always among the best, but also and especially his mother would feel bad.” Don recalls super good, there was a time last year, Chuang Mei body a bit better, to see his son, “Let me take him to the county,nike tn pas cher, to meet in the county. “From the village came out, did not walk a few steps the child suddenly began talking about ten dollars, Tang Shan super surprised,pandora pas cher, usually give a 5 hair a little grandson snacks to satisfy their craving, but he never offered to any money. “Children little aggrieved,magasin hollister, he said he saved the money was withheld grandmother, her mother wanted money to see a doctor.”Back home,air max pas cher homme, Don super good to know that his wife saw the little grandson holding four small square box to go out, that naughty grandson, they grabbed the box,tn, so he went to see a good mother. After that, she opened the box and found them all iceberg,tn requin, the Pentagon coins, neatly wrapped with tape, a total of ten dollars. Later learned that this is usually the province vast money from pocket money and going down,air max femme pas cher, my mother wanted to give medical treatment.Every day countdown, looking forward to see her motherSince the mother is sick.

several dozen phone and asked his son’s condition, and must listen to the voice of his son.” Don is dry choked, he said he did not know how to do now.[Doctor] May be related to the newly renovated houseHole-rong, leukemia can be broken down into hundreds, plum village was acute myeloid M2 type, her son was M5 acute myeloid type. According to the understanding of the patient’s condition, the initial judgment is with their new house to live in a renovated concerned.Chuang Mei told reporters that they bought the house in greenery is the attic,pandora pas cher, renovation began in May 2010, when the family lived in a renovated attic.

summer vacations to Kunshan is vast most looking forward to see her mother thing. “He is at home every day countdown at home will tell us that ‘there day winter break away’.” Tang Shan Chao said, “After years ago, the vast told us that he language and mathematics test double hundred, in recognition of his teacher write reviews , he asked what time to go to see her mother in Kunshan. “This year is going Kunshan New Year’s,chaussure tn pas cher, vast very happy. “I do not know where to learn horseback riding dance, but also secretly practicing at home a few times.” Don is dry, said the Kunshan he would clamor to jump to see my mother, “his mother was particularly pleased to see that he kept his boast awesome . “After years in Kunshan too vast a few days, then returned home Suqian, before the Lantern Festival was diagnosed with leukemia. His wife and son had leukemia, Don really can not stand is dry, often hid in the corner crying. “My wife called to Suzhou, afraid to answer, send text messages to dare to go back, afraid she would emotional, and later told her.” Don is now a four dry, in three different places, Chuang Mei in Kunshan the wife’s mother in the care of hospitalized,peuterey, guarding himself with his father’s son hospitalized in Huai’an, daughter is 13 years old and the mother in the home by the old belt. “My wife every day.

Liqiu Xia busy all day long in the ground: arable land.

but also by nearly 200,000, and now the child has had the disease,toms, the family is difficult .The vast doctor said Song Wei, behind vast need chemotherapy, the situation is good to be a bone marrow transplant,air jordan spizike pas cher, which should prepare at least 400,000 yuan. For this family, it can not afford.If you are willing to help them, or wish to contact the Modern Express Plum Village, Tang is dry.Chuang Mei by consent, is now open to her personal accounts: Agricultural Bank 6228480402654285814,red bottom boots, your love will bring them hope.Southeast Network – Channel Guide June 7 (Reporter Peng Lin Lin intern HTC / Wen Liang Zhanglei / Chart) a palm-sized desk,red bottom pumps, a less than 10 square meters of rental housing, actually a small space filled with books Even the beds have been occupied by books.Dwelling owner,louboutin paris, is a typical farmer, primary cultures of her, but then writing frenzy. During the work,air max femme pas cher, she sent spiritual quest in writing. During the day, shuttling between the cargo crane driving late at night, his pen stopped working in cramped quarters among the 20 years does not give up the pursuit of literary dream.32-year-old crane driver Liqiu Xia is also the workers call “peasant writer.”13-year-old dropout10 years of farming at home”I am a worker,hollister femme, though never had any books, but I’m keen on literature, wrote many novels, songs.” Recently, a reader repeatedly call the hotline Herald, “I want my debut publish a book, but on their own work did not end, you can help me modify pointing? “Yesterday morning, reporters and Liqiu Xia meet up. Her stature is small, slim physique, darker skin. “Did 10 years living in the ground, never too white.” After some small talk, Liqiu Xia shed door just when the tension gradually loosen up.Liqiu Xia from Zhoukou rural areas, due to family poverty, 13 years old, she finished primary school was forced to drop out of school, and began farming life. Like most young people in the village.

October official check. Two months later she was sick. In July 2011, will be sent back home to kindergarten children.”There is no specific data research shows that the relationship between newly renovated house to live with leukemia, but the clinical point of view,peuterey spaccio, there is a high degree of correlation between the two.” Hole-rong, leukemia with major genes, the immune system and the environment concerned, the new renovated house direct placement, paint and other chemicals will have some impact on the number of human cells house.[Help them] Your love for them to ignite hopeDon is dry told reporters, to the village plum doctor has spent more than 60 million home in Suqian kinds of four acres of land, and even around the trees are sold out.