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decided to implement the South Liu Village situ placement.March 5,nike tn pas cher magasin, 2012, Zhengzhou City, Town and Country Planning Bureau posted on its website, “Liu Guancheng District, South Village resettlement area controlled detailed planning” pre-approved publicity.Public display, located in the southern residential placement liuzhuang wangzhuang Road, Zijin Road, Dover Post Road and Qiushi Road enclosed area, planning a total area of ��154,217 square meters of land.April 2012, Guancheng Comprehensive Development Corporation commissioned an announcement, Liu Village on the South District of survey,veste barbour, design projects for public tender.In the end, Liu Village South District survey, geological exploration tenders, hydrogeological investigation by the Henan Academy of Engineering Ltd. won the bid. Liu Village New design tenders,tn, by the sixth Machinery Industry Design and Research Institute Co., Ltd. won the bid.The reporter found that the latest South liuzhuang residential placement location, location is the previous Yutong Automobile Industrial Park project. Are Yutong Automobile Industry Park project site have changed?In this regard, “Liu Guancheng District, South Village resettlement area controlled detailed planning,christian louboutin,” participants in the preparation, planning staff at the Zhengzhou Urban and Rural Planning Bureau confirmed to correspondents, there really is no longer a Yutong company industrial land.Li Yimei introduction.

to also belong to Zhengzhou Yutong, but changed Yutong other project. “Oriental Outlook Weekly” reporter Jin Ming, Zhengzhou(Reporter Luo) yesterday afternoon, Wuchang Wu Tai gate of a railway level-crossing, 70-year-old Xu dad walking on the railway, was a freight train and dragged underneath the bus after 150 meters. After the hospital, old dad actually only chest rib fractures,parajumpers pas cher, had a narrow escape.Living in the railroad’s Ms Wong told reporters, at 1 pm, Xu dad walking on the railway sleepers, suddenly, is marshalling a cargo train shunting front, slowly approaching from behind, the old dad knocked on the railway .”The train butt,chaussure louboutin pas cher, quick stop!” Railroad an open-air stalls chat haircut crowd found this scene immediately shouted for help. The driver may not have heard, was knocked down old dad at the bottom of the train dragged for about 150 meters before it stopped.Barber Master Liu said, after the train stopped, the driver to view the rear train car, then went back to the front began to reverse, was knocked down old dad has revealed,parajumpers femme, and everyone quickly stepped forward to lift the old dad. I saw dad’s hands and face were injured in the bloodshed,parajumpers paris, but conscious, able to report the son’s phone number. He surnamed Xu, 70-year-old,christian louboutin uk, who lives nearby.Xu God Bless Daddy quickly rushed to hospital in Wuhan. After a medical examination, Xu dad except the face and hands skin trauma, chest,red bottoms, rib fractures only,escarpins louboutin, not life threatening.Not long ago, at a meeting held on the CPPCC Guangdong Provincial Human Resources and Social Security Department in the report file for the first time used “off-site workers” was, and revealed that Guangdong this year from different places in recruiting workers from 3317 junior civil servants.

while further relaxation of home points system conditions.

“Before the 2012 Spring Festival, the unit to pay to the Zhengzhou City Xuan orthopedic hospital, according to the doctor’s advice, made two weeks before the second surgery.Now,abercrombie paris, pay Xuan’s family in the hospital the nurses, specialized units also sent a colleague to help take care of paying Xuan life.Weirui Ming said Xuan pay their players,barbour, after all, from the accident until now,barbour france, district leaders and unit leaders are very concerned for him.Chinese New Year, the unit made for the team benefits, other players are a deal Xuan give duplicate.Taking into account the current situation at home pay Xuan, the district arranged a job for pay Xuan lover, also considered the issue of his children to school.Yutong is no longer planning of industrial landArticles in several previous reports, the South liuzhuang villagers generally reflect a strong replacement housing problem.However, the villagers are currently no worry for resettlement, because South liuzhuang placement cell has been put into the planning, the official start building in sight.June 9, 2012, “Oriental Outlook Weekly” reporter came fourth Shibalihe Guancheng District Town Liu Village. Has completed the demolition of the south liuzhuang still in ruins, and in the southwest corner of the site, a number of bulldozers are operating. The villagers then Mr. Liu told the reporter that it was cleaning up debris, land leveling,Giuseppe Zanotti Sneakers, South liuzhuang resettlement area of � pen construction to prepare.In the south west side of the wall at Liu Village,parajumpers femme, a display card describes the resettlement area south liuzhuang Public Facilities. In the northwest corner of South Liu Zhuang, a bigger display card shows South liuzhuang resettlement community planning and planning concept map aerial view.February 29, 2012, Tube City government, Yutong Automobile Industry Park Construction Headquarters jointly issued “on the case of South liuzhuang resettlement sites change that”.

the plot, the first government land for Yutong expansion projects, and later as the surrounding cities along the route planning requirements,doudoune parajumpers, coupled with the near distance water diversion project, then modify the positioning block. Because it involves a number of technical issues, such as roads, red,piumini moncler, Zhengzhou three vertical and four horizontal Green Line, etc., the entire plan has not been done.In addition to the share placement cell block south liuzhuang South liuzhuang remaining plots how other purposes? Yutong company is no longer part of the land?”Or Yutong land.” Tube City Committee Propaganda Department news chief Kang Hao Zeng said.