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petulant kick electric car owners not only bad bus doors, will get off the bus driver of the theoretical study of Health Tan three times beaten down to the ground. Eventually, Tan Xi students were labeled a concussion, sent to hospital for treatment.Small scratches caused by violenceYesterday 16:40 or so,nike tn pas cher magasin, the 50-year-old Tan Xi-sheng 205 bus driving from south to north through the bus station near the dish Branch Road, Changsha City Renaissance Vanguard was crowded cars on the road,,barbour catalogue, the bus stop and go,giubbotto woolrich, a careless driving side by side on the electric car a little scratch to happen, “the brakes in time.

reduce cold air to the respiratory tract irritation.Core TipNovember 3,christian louboutin soldes, perhaps the bus driver Tan Xi most aggrieved student career day. He drove the 205 bus and a small electric car scratch occurs as a result, students are learning Tan Liaodao electric car owners to beat three times. He never did fight back, finally was taken to hospital. The electric car owners after the beating has not appeared,chaussure louboutin pas cher, only two friends commissioned to compounding,zanotti, compounding behold they did not agree on the results of student learning wounded Tan’s son.Newspaper November 4 hearing “on the bus for 11 years, first encountered so unreasonable man.” Surveillance video display, November 3 pm, Changsha 205 bus with a slight friction electric car .

it will undermine the relationship between her parents and feelings, for this case, there is no victim,, if the judgment of the The two sides are the losers and no winners.After the hearing, South Gate District,hogan interactive uomo, Changchun City People’s Procuratorate made the decision not to arrest Lee,tiffany roma, now, Lee has been acquitted, she no extra excuse for their own mistakes, and have a deep remorse , saying that he must turn over a new leaf.Gold Chutianjinbao News (Reporter correspondent Hucai Li Zhou Cheng) Lee Ji Zhang, who lives in North Road, this 70-year-old mother,barbour france, and always adhere to exercise in the morning to do clap,, jump Square Dance the night. The day before yesterday, when she had felt oppressed chest workout,,woolrich outlet, did not seriously. In the evening,, she still go out to exercise, a dancer half sudden asthma attack and was hurried to partner First Hospital of Wuhan.Increased winter haze days, most days of fog and haze pollutants often gathered in activity level. Some harmful substances combine with water vapor,, will become more toxic, fog nuclear particles composed easily be inhaled, while increasing the amount of exercise ventilation, which also exacerbated the extent of damage to the body of harmful substances.Hepatobiliary main hospital explained that if had had chronic bronchitis, emphysema, asthma and other diseases, especially in this weather are likely to cause respiratory symptoms. In addition, fog and haze down, oxygen content decreased,tn123, the elderly are particularly vulnerable to feel chest tightness, will lead to vascular spasm, blood pressure fluctuations,nike air max 1, induced cardiovascular disease.Dr. Gong Zhao reminded, fog and haze days, people should avoid outdoor exercise, if you really can not help but want to go out and fitness, you can choose a small amount of exercise, such as walking exercise activities. Avoid exercise when a wind do not breathe, do two big mouth breathing.

but just touched,abercrombie france, no serious problem.” Tan Xi-sheng did not expect such a small accident actually let myself suffer career biggest grievance.Complete car surveillance video recorded at the time of the incident. 16:44, after the two vehicles occurred scratch,abercrombie roma, sturdy build electric car owners rushed to the front door of the bus yelled, pointing Tan Xi-sheng, then toward the front door of the bus Mengchuai a tripod. Within the next four minutes,hogan rebel, three times a student is learning Tan Liaodao to beat.4 minutes bus driver was beaten three times Liaodao4:46, Tan Xi students see the man kick the door was broken, not the normal switch, and quickly get off to find his theory. Tan Xi-sheng just got off the electric car owners grabbed his shoulder, he fell to the ground one,woolrich italia, and then a foot on his head, to press on the ground beaten meal. People hurried past tried to mediate, electric car owners this stop there.After being hit, Tan Xi-sheng did not fight back, and walked straight to the electric car,air max femme pas cher, to unplug electric car owners car keys to prevent escape. Unexpectedly,abercrombie outlet,, the electric car owners alignment Tan Xi-sheng belly is kicked, unguarded Xi Tan raw ground. Electric car owners also kicked against Tan Xi-sheng kicks. Tan Xi when students get up again, his face was bloodied, but he was still clinging walked towards the direction of the electric car.4:49, electric car owners with one hand firmly pinched Tan Xi-sheng’s neck, then swept his right foot, the Tan Xi born Liaodao the ground.