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Mr. Zhang said he was not at home, the next day before we know this from the mouth of a neighbor things, for He Yang Jie’s death “very sad.””I am also a father who usually will educate their children. However, when gas will hit the child with a branch of what palm hearts, but are generally scare the children, how cruel can really play.” Zhang said, occasionally smacking her friends, if it is an acquaintance, was going to stop, but Wang Wei and unfamiliar, with the door closed, “widows and orphans, and inconvenient to go knock on the door.”If I had come across this,nike tn requins, will select the alarm? In this regard, Mr. Zhang said, “even imagined.” “Other people educate their children, but not to kill, how do you think go to the police? Besides,hollister femme, someone’s parents will be willing to fight child under the heavy hand?” But Mr. Zhang said that after the tragedy, if we encounter the problem of domestic violence, “I should will choose the alarm. “Mentality of the other two do not want to prevent the default way to educate childrenParents to educate their children, even if it means radical, it seems many people interviewed,hollister homme, is “normal.” “As the saying goes ‘Vitex stick under the good guys,air max femme,’ I have beaten doll, I did not have to think which of the parents do not play doll.” Master Liu said the first floor of the residents,louboutin homme, their children 17 years old,air jordan pas cher, also played once.”In her 15 years old, I hit her once, with a sprig of thugs that night she gave me a book written to admit posted on my door. When parenting toddlers, are shortness of breath, and certainly will play carefully. “Master Liu said he did not know what Yang Jie did something wrong was only punished mother, thought the consequences would be so serious.”She (Wang Wei) is the real mother a child.

who lives upstairs master text, is one of the residents speak restrained the night of the incident. After the incident, the text has been reluctant master appeared. 15:00 yesterday, several twists and turns, the reporter finally found a store in the vicinity of the text in the master.That reporters had come, the text still reluctant to master at first interview, after repeated communication, the night before he tells the trouble situations.”I was 19:50 left home, and then in the window next to the Internet, I heard a child’s voice Wang Wei beat.” Wen said the master, Wang Wei was emotional, always kept saying, “Do you still run “” You lie shouted “kind of thing. That the other side is in the child’s apply discipline,air max 90 pas cher, Wen master said he did not care at that time. However.

“ultimately his conviction and sentencing, to be determined by the court.”Liao Dan introduced in the mother-child relationship is assumed that exclude factors, in accordance with the provisions of the Criminal Code,hollister online, intentional injury causing death, will be at least 10 years in prison, life imprisonment or the death penalty. And if it is “wrongful death”, according to the criminal law will place more than 3 years 7 years imprisonment; less serious, at 3 years in prison. Reporters investigating the incident that night more than 40 households out loud restrained only three people, but no one alarmSome residents say: people control their children, the police doing?11-year-old mother was beaten at home more than two hours,peuterey, the shrill cries; next to more than 40 households,air max femme pas cher, but only three people speak restrained, no one active alarm. Why night of the incident, the vast majority of residents choose silence, eventually together this tragedy could have been avoided?Yesterday,peuterey prezzi, the reporter visited the boulder ditch Cangxi Dragon Lane again,tn pas chere, for the accident around the room more than 80 residents were investigated. Trying to restore the tragedy, their respective responses.Mentality of an unfamiliar and other inconvenient to stop their education childrenResidents from the mouth,louboutin homme pas cher, the reporter learned that Wang Weiping and neighbors when less contact,veste barbour homme, plus the usual Dajiadoumang to work, there is little exchange. “We work every morning to evening, where there is time to contact, basically did not see even the sides.” Wang Wei lived on the third floor houses the residents.

until half an hour later, Wang Wei also been beaten child, “baby always said, ‘Mom, do not fight,tom ford, I was wrong’.”Master Wen said he was a little heart to gas, “someone smacking playing for so long?” Out of anger.

when she heard a child in education,boutique louboutin paris, I feel normal,louboutin, where would think she was so cruel.” 3rd floor of the residential building opposite Tam said, every family closed the door, the child’s education something more to go, and thought in the past to stop, “You go to the tube, and she might even accuse you not yourself Zhaoma?””Midway loud enough, that simply beat the children, so did not go tube. Whose children will play, where there are so many Xianxin to manage?” Residential building on the second floor Granny Feng said, “usually educate their children,chaussure louboutin, to be beat hand, kneeling or something, someone’s home tube baby, police doing? “Mentality three regret not stop I wonder if she would be so hardWei Wang.