nike tn Xiaoqi began to reveal longhidden feelingsMs Ma said

but one week is coming home at least four days,nike tn, you know I can not wait to hit the daughter rushed to him (Lee) could beat crazy,” Luk describes his feelings of anger. As to why wait until more than one month before being informed of the parents? Before the defenseless? Lee has repeatedly said his daughter called to buy a cell phone to her, but did not promise a small land. And later threatened as if from a small land will tell parents in school puppy love, and claimed to be kicked out of school,tn soldes, “the teacher clamor own background, even the president have to give him a bit of face.”It is reported that six four classes have 65 kids in the class, it is not clear how many of the injured students.Principal: He usually good performance11:00 yesterday, as Ma and Luk parents came Fuyong Phoenix police station, followed by two police will investigate Lee away. When Southern reporters, except Lee repeatedly said he “absolutely no lewd girls”, the face of the other issues are not made silent.In experiments on Jingshan bar public schools,red bottom platform pumps, the Southern reporter found that Lee served for six years in addition to four times a teacher, another identity is the school of mathematics teaching and research leader. For Lee acts, school principals Chen responded on the matter did not know, is still waiting for the results of the police investigation,pandora bijoux, but he said Lee age 50 years old, “usually did a good job.”President Chen further said the school usually has a youthful physiology courses for students, but the main teaching methods to teach large classes,christian louboutin outlet, the teacher is hired counselors, “there is no private lessons.” Meanwhile, President Chen made a commitment to increase after school teachers, Strengthening Teachers’ education.Computer store a large number of pornographic informationAt noon yesterday.

according to her, was the Xiaoqi to school,escarpins louboutin, to communicate with the teacher Lee, the person explained that perhaps conflict with classmates Xiaoqi happen and asked Ma first go back,tn, Xiaoqi then left alone.Said repeatedly been molestedMs. Lee’s request has not been answered horses, according to the latter presentation,nike air max pas cher, felt Xiaoqi not go to school or a novelty,air max pas cher femme, and thus decided to take Xiaoqi home. After returning home, Ms. Ma was asked which patient details under her persuasion, Xiaoqi began to reveal long-hidden feelings.Ms. Ma said, Xiaoqi told her more than one month ago, after 17:30 every day after school, Lee will be called to the office Xiaoqi alone, forcing it to watch adult videos and pornographic pictures,peuterey uomo, and request the same with Lee take a chair. Thereafter Xiaoqi was repeatedly called to the office.

outside the classroom Southern reporter interviewed a random six-four classes of two girls on the teacher evaluation Lee,charms pandora.

Xiaoqi aunt Miss Ma told reporters the South, because the niece’s home farther away from Jingshan experimental school, which has been housed in their own homes. At 13:30 on the 19th, which was supposed class time,tn pas chere, Ma teacher Lee suddenly received a phone call to inform the other party did not come to class, said Xiaoqi, who has not appeared. Ms. Ma anxious to inquire quickly hang After looking and finally found Xiaoqi stay outside in an industrial park entrance Fukunaga.According to Ma introduced, why the delay go for school,toms shoes outlet, Xiaoqi replied,hollister milano, repeatedly claimed to give yourself to buy mobile phones, 19 noon already bought the phone told to give her teacher Lee before, but he was unwilling to accept and therefore do not want to go back to school. For the hidden secrets behind the time did not reveal Xiaoqi. But Ma instantly aware of which seems to be wrong.

see Xiaoqi not resist, had enjoyed getting big Lee began stroking her breasts and lower body. Subsequently,toms online sale, they repeatedly said some foul language with sexuality and inform girls “wear a condom is not pregnant sex” and other unprintable words. Xiaoqi cause now willing to return to school, Lee saw it instantly shunned.There are remaining victimsXiaoqi exist with the same experience as well as 13-year-old girls in a small land, yesterday morning,perle pandora, Little Miss Luk said the father,hollister site officiel, after his daughter last September rose to Grade 6, four times in six years,tn soldes, Lee has become the teacher. Luk said that about a month ago, he told his own daughter Miss Lee wanted to send a cell phone to her, then sent to the mobile phone, although perceived beyond mere teacher-student relationship, but did not inform her hidden secrets, plus usually do business is too busy, so there is no detailed asked. After the discovery of his daughter every day after school are seven points to get back home, pressed down on the 19th was known to her many times by Li Moujiang left office was obscene.”In addition to the weekend.