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WASHINGTON (correspondent reporter Zhang Bo Guo Hao Jing Ji) after the theft of a telecom business for the next modus smoothly, with 14 handsets sold resulting stolen money to purchase a new hydraulic clamp and drill. At 7:48 on April 21, a telecom business manager Wang Xian east came to Metro Police Bureau Hansen Village police station said that they were stolen in the operating room, hall 32 new phones, two computers and nearly 3000 yuan business models were looted, total loss of about 5.5 million.

Alarm, the police survey the scene found that the operating room door gate volume was similar tools like bolt cutters cut, behind the counter have been destroyed to pry open the cupboard. “The thief is certainly prepared professional tool.” Police handling the case analysis, “and the suspect is likely to sell stolen goods cheap in the short term.” After a few days investigations,hollister, suspect Zhang into the police’s attention. Police investigations found that Zhang is the name of a drug addict, smoking hotel in 2009 because of theft was sentenced to three years’ imprisonment.

April 30, Hansen Village police and plainclothes police in a first team Long Road North area residents inside the building, the suspect Zhang captured and caught a stolen mobile phone 17, and the hydraulic steel bolt cutters, charging screwdriver drill, fake license plates and other tools of crime.

Zhang for the crime confessed. Zhang explained that he sold the 14-time stolen phone, was stolen money more than 6,000 yuan. In addition, his girlfriend sent a return phone. To facilitate the next time after the crime, Zhang went to the hardware store repair damaged hydraulic clamp failed, simply use the stolen money to buy a new hydraulic steel bolt cutters, drills, upgrade the crime “equipment.” In addition, he is also a detailed record of the specific circumstances of stepped point seven communications business hall notebook.

Currently, Zhang has been under criminal detention, the case is still digging in.

(Original title: After stealing a mobile phone to sell 14 upgrade tools of crime)