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Eighty-six, jour eyesThought of here red lifts the Soul Eater to another like a long shell octopus-like win the race soldiers * * the past. One,oakley holbrook, two, three arrows…… Several arrows, useless, that won the race soldiers also made a sound as if by the strong * the same scream, and then to a bomb, and then fell. The same shells fell to fragmentation, left a shining white skin, pig’s body lay.”Rubbish,” red disdain pie pie mouth, “the value of life and Luanfengang level 50 skeleton warrior almost, even my skeletons can deal with them easily”Red now summon skeleton class and Luanfengang skeleton warriors, but also 50. On the strength but also than those of skeletal warriors sent some, because the skeleton warrior Luanfengang, at least several skills. But red summoned these skeletons, a skill is not,uk oakley store online, it is a negative “Pluto kiss.” this title.But, even so. Auxiliary skills red in the next support, one of his skeleton soldiers on a Luanfengang skeletal warrior none. The most important reason is, red with a stirring among the dry bones skills to his summon skeletons back blood!A summoned forty skeletons, red thought for a moment,cheap oakley store, and the 18 the Lich all call out, just try the Lich’s power.Hector! The lich, let alone watching the eyes, know that they have extraordinary strength!This 18 Lich while the muscles of the body have withered, was dry at first glance and skeletons have somewhat similar, but their body equipment than red summoned those skeletons strong.They are wearing shiny steel armor, the following is studded with iron leather skirt. Wearing gold Mittens, foot pedal with black leather boots, the head also wear a headband with a gold system. Left hand holding a simple wand. The staff and the Lich with high, a stick body was black,uk oakley online, with gold trim ends, rod end with a red gem.A black and gold armor with the two constantly glowing red eyes, standing there how to see how like offbeat terminator from the future, it is too cool!In the book: the Lich’s image, from the “Heroes”)You just hang up red in two won the group soldiers lost two acquisition of, too poor! Not only a penny didn’t burst out, but nothing to collect! Poor wretch. Red with strong to win group soldiers looked down, come swaggeringly with 40 skeletons, 18 lich, and six ears and worms have a retinue before and behind, went forward.40 skeletons of waving hands knife, skeleton dense white to turn to, two dark eyes from time to time, light scarlet, seems to choose the person bite. Upper body slightly bent forward, a uniform external Ocho, Kaka Ka, Ka kaka! Quite have the momentum to walk in the front, in a threatening manner to the front of a group of soldiers rushed past win.Drink! This.相关的主题文章:

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