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Thirty-one, the city built the!”Hum!” Dissatisfied with the Reds to ignore, Zhenwofengcai cold to hum a, red didn’t take the initiative to add to her, is a real gentleman did not! But, true my elegant demeanour is now in the Reds attack, only by constantly meds to sustain life!Too damned!True my elegant demeanour helplessly to the Reds made friends with application.Smelly man! Ugly eight strange! True my elegant demeanour heart pains scold, this is her in the game the first initiative to add a man as a friend!A true my elegant demeanour for prompting the friends system,oakley polarized, red head also don’t return, directly out of consent. Now, his buddy list is finally no longer blank.And then the first to the six ear has taken a detoxification medicine bottle, added a Summoner’s restoration, then commanding demons to entangle six ears of iron scale insect leaders rushed past.Although iron scale insect leaders had reduced 80% physical damage property, but the magic damage reduced only 30%. Hey, let you see my big evil magic!After receiving the red Zhenwofengcai agreed to add as friend tips, and waited for a long time, red for her or turn a blind eye to, even, never stop to her attacks! (only the team can not be teammates attack, not only good friends.)True my elegant demeanour had a stamp, anger grunted, angrily said: “hello! If you don’t stop, I will fight back!”Karma is like, really my style is still in his “malicious PK!” He did not return to the true my elegant demeanour sent a team to apply,discount oakley sunglasses frogskins, said impatiently: “is really troublesome, and my team!”This guy, too arrogant! True my elegant demeanour is an angry snort, rejected outright the red team application, turned toward the insect valley mouth direction to kill.Although, she now place,oakley store online, just 25 of the scorpion. But those bunches of scorpion, it is true my elegant demeanour that only 30 level small mage can resist? Don’t go very far, Zhenwofengcai turned in dozens of scorpion needle, into a white,discount oakley outlet sunglasses, and down a level.Red looked Zhenwofengcai bodies, and shook his head, “backbone? Something can’t have what use?”Only sigh less than two seconds, the red turned his attention back to the demon’s body.Oh! The devil is worthy of the great demon!Demon power increased, monstrous, the iron scale insect head burning screaming again and again, although it is physical defense as high as 4, but the magic resistance is very low, so despite the metamorphosis attribute reduction of 30% magic damage per second, but was hell fire by fire damage near the point.The pain it not only the tail beat thunderously, also tie up in the tongue of six ears to throw it out, then spout several liquid into the green float in the air of the demons, and more than a dozen eyes forehead is blinking to demons shot ten golden needle!Unfortunately it spit green liquid.

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