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Three six nine, the light of God’s special envoyAll of this, until the light Union and red together so far, began to turn for the better. But between the Union and the red WWw. light distance, is bigger. Red Yiqijuechen drifting away,oakley sunglasses outlet, I am the light union is not flattery, even take plane shoot missiles, also miss the red pace.To say that my heart is bright, the red doesn’t have a tiny bit of jealousy, there is no a tiny bit of hate, even I myself don’t believe is bright. But more and more, but I was on the red light, sincere admirationA hero between admirationBut this respect more, I am more want to go beyond the red lightSo, he has put up a pageantry of the temple ceremony held upgrade. Can say, although this is fourth country development strategies, but most of the most is to do to the Red: I also have stronger than you.Not only my heart is bright like the case of head, other three guild, also as well to. Especially the money to help you, Li Guang’s father, he was red seckill,discount oakley sunglasses frogskins, also lost a artifact immediately following moon bow and a god class skills “to teach”, so as to his heartFour Wang Qi Qi standing in the light seen in front of the temple square,http://oakleypolarized.glassesonlinestores.com/, around the big powers numerous envy jealousy hate head gaze, very proud. [] and this proud over time, more and more high, at twelve noon, reached the peakIn the sky, like the sun exploded, flashing light dazzling (represent major forces, come to the ceremony in the first time, wearing a trace of light, black like when people watch a solar eclipse like…)Hallelujah, Hallelujah, hallelujah…… Waves like Teana general choir, from the endless sky came, let a person feel fresh. (the dark god in the heart of silent curse)A row of a row of white wings of the angel appeared in the sky, slowly over, let a person between trance like the fairyland. (I x not, the bird, the girl genius hand than the also like the girl, this will not be a reassignment operation? The red heart inwardly stomach Fei. See the fourth country style, say not acid, that is false, head of red dark blame major sects: “Pooh Quartet in the temple built in this style, have a look at my red nations, temple built a more than a like chicken coop back to have them all at once……” All the teaching manner head speechless tears: we give you face, the level not more than your idol total house well…)”Bright invincible” with a roar,http://cheapfrogskins.glassesonlinestores.com/, a tall, Baizhang figure in the sky illusory, white wings, white robe, white sword, white skin, covered from head to foot water white, is a half covered with black shank……All the spectators were excited, “God? God showed up “Red frowned, “who is this grandson? Don’t know “red although and.

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