Oil Temperature of Crushing Machines Should Be Controlled

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Most cone crushers are equipped with a driven by a separate oil pump lubrication system. Before the start of stone crusher, the system can lubricate, it is an adaptive, easy controlling system. It is very important for ensuring the normal cone crusher to detect and control the lubrication system, oil temperature, hydraulic oil and lubrication systems. The successful promotion and application of granite sand making equipment provides ample sand and aggregate for urban infrastructure construction, ensuring the smooth implementation of the construction project and effectively promoting the rapid development of urban economy. Looking from the present situation, the production of inferior or substandard artificial sand except for management conditions of enterprises, the major reason is that the sand making machines can not meet the requirements.

The lube oil temperature of cone crusher should be maintained at 30-45 ° C range. Cone crusher is generally used thin oil lubrication system, it has two oil lubrication systems: one is the overall lubrication system, which consists of power-driven pump with the shaft; the other is the oil pump driven by a separate lubrication system. Both systems are used to detect and control the oil temperature cone crusher key factor. At present, Hongxing sand making machine technology represents China’s technology level of artificial sand making equipment. The manufacturing technology and quality of Hongxing artificial sand making equipment is quite good and also carries out prenatal training and after-sales service for investment enterprises.

Crusher in the oil temperature can not over 60 ° C and blew 16 ° C during operation, cone crusher lubrication oil system is detected and controlled by the heater, cooler, thermometer and temperature switches, and back to the oil thermometer. Cone crusher to ensure optimum oil temperature stabilized at between 30 ° C and 45 ° C . The key to control the oil temperature of cone crusher the lubrication system, oil temperature is key of the cone crusher lubrication system, they mutual influence and mutual restriction.