Operation control of vertical roller mill

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Vertical roller mill can be widely used in cement, power, metallurgy, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals and other industries, for the block, granular and powder materials grinding to the required fineness.

The vertical roller mill is more than 20 engineers spend years after repeated design and improvement was developed with large scale production of superfine grinding equipment successfully, it appears to some extent alleviate the pressure of large foreign equipment costs to Chinese enterprises, is the mill industry China more international competitive performance.

Operation control of vertical roller mill
The control of superfine vertical roller mill and its grinding system plays a key role in the long and reliable operation of the system. According to the requirements of process and equipment, vertical grinding is mainly equipped with the following control:
1 、 feeding control of superfine vertical mill feed. The differential pressure between the inlet and outlet of the mill is kept constant by adjusting the feed quantity to reduce the vibration of the vertical mill;
2 、 ventilation volume control. By adjusting the opening of the throttle opening, the motor power of the fan is fixed, so as to maintain the constant ventilation rate of the vertical mill;
3 、 control of outlet gas temperature of superfine vertical roller mill. The outlet temperature of the mill is kept constant by adjusting the opening of the outlet fan of the vertical mill fan;
4 、 roll pressure control. The amount of mill roll pressure can be adjusted according to the amount of feed in the mill;
5 、 control water volume in vertical superfine grinding. By adjusting the amount of water in the mill, the outlet temperature of the mill and the thickness of the stable material layer can be reduced;

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