Ore Milling Equipment Performance Characteristics

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Compared with the other same performance grinding machine, our company’s ore milling equipment very obvious advantages, first, a very high proportion of ore grinding equipment, which means that people can use the processing of ore milling equipment for large-scale raw material, can ensure that most of the raw materials are completely superfine grinding state, will not be missed, currently on the market a lot superfine grinding equipment can guarantee the superfine grinding ratio, it is difficult to carry large quantities of raw materials, some of the big material is difficult to completely superfine grinding, resulting in the processing of raw materials is not complete, it is difficult to the normal operation of equipment.

People use ore milling equipment processing of raw materials processing efficiency is very high, large quantities of raw materials can be completed in a very short period of time, the energy consumption of the equipment is very small, not only suitable for large enterprises, small and medium-sized enterprises in the cost savings will also need to use this equipment. Although the equipment energy consumption is very small, the ability of the equipment to process raw materials is very high, and it is 1.2 times the efficiency of the general equipment to process raw materials. As a result of the above characteristics, equipment has become the first choice for factories and enterprises to purchase equipment.

Ore milling equipment has two plane, the two plane can ensure the equipment damage rate fell to the lowest in the low wear of the case, the use of equipment time will be extended, can reach four times the general equipment use time, low wear characteristics of equipment makes it very suitable for processing a variety of hard materials. These large pieces of hard material superfine grinding into small raw materials, in the process of specific work will not appear on the surface of the huge machine wear. Quartz rock, basalt, metal slag can be processed in the equipment.

The working principle of the equipment is very simple, is the main way of extrusion processing of raw materials, the scope of application of ore milling equipment is very extensive, not only suitable for superfine grinding of raw materials, also suitable for making sand, now most construction sites are using this equipment, the main equipment has a superfine grinding stone and sand making equipment has the richly endowed by nature. The advantages of these two aspects. The equipment can be used for superfine grinding of a variety of raw materials. It can be used in superfine grinding, as well as in raw materials with higher hardness, and can also be used as raw materials with less hardness of ultra-fine grinding powder.

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