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that is,orecchini tiffany, some people living and working in the city for decades,abercrombie soldes, such as migrant workers like this, we should give priority to the people of this category .[Moderator]: because of their contribution to the city is the largest.[Gu Shengzu]: the contribution is the largest, and he has a steady job, he still housing,outlet abercrombie, he was able to live and work, these people should be a priority for him citizenship.[Moderator]: We look at the question another netizen, users place one day a wide Tsai said,christian louboutin pas cher, why at this stage to vigorously promote the reform of urbanization is to consider adjusting the GDP it? How do the people’s livelihood into account? Do you think people of migrant workers need more long time?[Gu Shengzu]: This is a very good question. On the one hand we consider urbanization will boost GDP growth, urbanization, on the other hand the most fundamental purpose is to protect the livelihood of the people, especially to protect the livelihood of migrant workers brothers. We know that migrant workers are now the subject of urbanization, and I just talked about them in the “three” to achieve a shift change in the middle position, career conversion, but their most important issue is not achieved status change. In the above problem, through the public of migrant workers to achieve a thorough urbanization, to change the status of such a semi-urbanization. It should be said,boutique louboutin, emphasizing human urbanization urbanization, the biggest benefit of migrant workers should be,parajumpers pas cher, because by citizenship to enable them to have access to basic public services that people can enjoy.

but following the harvest is “flea”, so be sure to avoid misunderstanding.[Moderator]: the face of such a number of errors and traps, you also talked about, such as the Latin American trap,abercrombie milano, we now have some of the responses were prepared to deal with it?[Gu Shengzu]: The most critical of these responses is planning to do the urbanization, we should plan to do, I think the key is to measure the response plan to do.[Moderator]: We just talked about the concept of the new urbanization, urbanization and talked about the people of migrant workers naturally have a certain relationship, which conditions people of migrant workers in order to citizenship should have it?[Gu Shengzu]: Now, some people think that the public accounts of migrant workers is the problem, I do not agree with this view, that people of migrant workers.

you put his account, the farmers become citizens,woolrich uomo, to change his account later,barbour paris, if no corresponding public service, the public is not in the true sense of that. Another 80 percent of migrant workers in urban employment is unstable, and if there is no stable employment,chaussure louboutin pas cher, and that it is difficult to citizenship. So, I think the people of the most critical is stable employment, so that migrant workers in cities have stable employment. Another is to enjoy public services public. So the people of the most critical is equivalent stable employment plus equalization of basic public services. This is a citizen of the key. Of course, the household registration reform hukou reform should vary because of the city, large city, super city, we open the account, then the consequences will be unimaginable, but our big cities, urban centers can let household. But rather than in the case of unstable employment, we have to “because of the city different”.

they are the biggest beneficiaries, therefore,doudoune femme moncler, a fundamental the sense that it should be the people’s livelihood, but in the middle of the process of solving the problem of people’s livelihood.

The first is that we are excited about, because urbanization is the greatest potential for domestic demand, domestic demand is the greatest potential,louboutin paris, involving dozens of industries. The second is that we are worried about is that urbanization is a good thing, but the good thing to do is to prevent the distortion, especially in the middle of the process of implementing our urbanization, our proposals are summarized in five areas to prevent errors. The first is to prevent the “city without the city has” excessive urbanization,tiffany outlet, urbanization just talked about the lack of industry support, the urbanization of the trap occurs in Latin America.

such as Brazil, urbanization is now over 90%, but Brazil’s rural population in the city to find less formal work, a lot of people focus on the slum inside, so we want to prevent the phenomenon in Latin America. The second is to prevent “the speed without quality” of urbanization. We are now engaged in some places herd Great Leap Forward, the blind pursuit of urbanization speed and scale expansion, which will fall into the trap speed supremacy. To prevent urbanization third “real estate” and this is our common concern. In particular,christian louboutin, we want to prevent over-reliance on local government land finance, high land prices push up prices. The fourth is to place in order to prevent the production,ciondolo tiffany, destroy villages, forcing farmers “was upstairs,” rural “is urbanization”, stuck in a trap predatory development. Some local governments in the name of urbanization by forcing farmers “was upstairs,” such a misunderstanding of our particular attention. The fifth is to be anti-mega-cities “big city” disease,tiffany orecchini, I have just talked about the haze, there is now research shows that our water, 70%, 80% of groundwater contamination, this is a kind of big city disease . How to avoid heavy urbanization and young people’s urbanization,doudoune moncler homme, the first skyscrapers, while residents of happiness fall,woolrich sito ufficiale, population growth, environmental degradation, extensive development of this trap. Urbanization is a good thing, but not a good thing to do crooked, not the central government on the issue of urbanization broadcast is “dragon seeds”.