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” he must be appropriate rest, not like before, desperately.”He which is comforting, he simply lied to his wife.” Secretary Xu said Wang Qingyu privately and he also spoke of his illness, there is no easy and only heavy tone. Wang Qingyu him too bitter complaint: Who is not afraid to die,orecchini tiffany, who does not take life seriously,woolrich parka, but the community has not built, can not let invested 4 million yuan boondoggle, the villagers can not do the things I’m sorry.”If you want a little greedy, a little dip, dawdle, desertion, as early as possible to go away.”Right now, the community has been properly put into use, Wang Qingyu but see it. Long loose community not only provides a good place for mass cultural and entertainment activities, but also to provide legal advice, labor and social security, rural endowment insurance and many other convenience services for the peasants. More importantly.

the reporter saw the work alongside the 15-year-old colleague Xu Li, he was deputy secretary of the village Party branch, after the death of a good friend,hogan scarpe uomo, he’s been acting secretary job. Mentioned Wang Qingyu,abercrombie italia, Secretary Xu sighed deeply feel:. “Outsiders never know him in the end how much to pay for the village,” Right now, more than 1100 people in the village, the village collective income from the original “zero” increase to 800 million, per capita income to 9,000 yuan.His wife and daughter repeatedly let resignThe moment in which the long pine community is alive Wang Qingyu last effort. By the end of 2008,abercrombie paris, was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia, when the family are terrified, his wife and two daughters,hogan scarpe donna, both hard and soft facilities forced him to resign from the village party branch secretary of the office, at home, at ease recuperate, but he was refused again a. In 2009, long loose on the streets to build community, Wang Qingyu hear “excited” was great, but also a good opportunity for the benefit of the village. Bidding, bid, construction, community supervision to the final last moment he did not put to use,tiffany anelli, “absent”, knowing that their terminally ill, but still less than “The Wire.”Due to overwork,tn pas chere, in November 2009,woolrich prezzi, Wang Qingyu’s condition worsened. People’s family sent him to hospital for treatment,hogan 2014 donna, even when lying in bed, he never phone their hands, lest something the village can not contact him,abercrombie & fitch, would delay the progress of the project. Less than three days in hospital,abercrombie, Wang Qingyu could have asked for discharge. His wife thoroughly angry, and if not for their own sake,woolrich, but also to consider the two daughters.Wang Qingyu easily comforted his wife; “If the old feel sick, sick will get worse; do not get sick when sick, sick but will be light.” Wang Qingyu ultimately fail to beat his wife to take him out of the hospital, and “pledge.

how the villagers do not agree. Although Wang Qingyu was very anxious, but also understand the idea of � hese villagers, they impatience trouble to persuade the door over and over again, we made it clear to all the benefits to the road. After the last one week, he just convinced the big guy,magasin hollister, 12 people on time relocation, demolition of buildings and 60 acres of orchards.Spring of 2008, due to the Wei River diversion, Xin village drinking water sources are contaminated. Wang Qingyu also led several village cadres, two days’ fighting,hollister outlet, “water company day to talk about business,hogan olympia, the evening went door to door to the homes of villagers for comments,hogan uomo, to do the work. Under efforts, the villagers out of 100 yuan per household, the village collective supporting 350 yuan, every household through the water for the villagers. Diversion from planning, excavation trench to lay pipelines,chaussure tn pas cher, Wang Qingyu 42 days have been fought on the site.In the long pine community.

Xin positive village because it can achieve an annual rental income of more than 40 million yuan.









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