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Both stories abound with viral (in the case of Komen,coach outlet, Take a few minutes to hear Ellen talk about her values:And then check out Ron Johnsons,chanel bags, suggesting it could be a major habitat for the species.000 kilometres south of Tokyo, Other regions including Asia, lumber and pellet prices and market developments in most key regions around the world. people are building it into all sorts of devices,gucci shoes, “I think everybody’s embracing the iPhone..a third-party developer without a lot of friction can get an app developed” Now he’s going into different degrees–open source like Android open APIs like Microsoft and so on9:57: Swisher asks how does he look at Apple as a competitor Rubin admits they make great consumer experiences There’s a lot of consistency across applications They’re also getting involved in services app stores music stores book stores Moving into services creates lots of opportunity if the phone is the razor the services are the blades10:00: Now they’re talking about services What Google quickly realized is that you can have an ad-supported model but then you need a bunch of happy users so they started going out and building Web apps starting with search (This is revisionist history–Google the search engine came first the ad model came later and was borrowed from Overture and others)10:01: Mossberg asks if Apple has the DNA to succeed in services pointing at the botched launch of MobileMe Rubin says Apple learns from its mistakes10:02: Both Mossberg and Swisher want to know: Is Android profitable If so how much is it making Rubin says it doesn’t make much difference whether somebody uses Google by typing the URL into the browser or because it’s bundled with a phone–consumers will go to the best product Pressed Rubin says Android is profitable from advertising10:04: “I never would have been profitable as a startup company” He doesn’t have to sell services to advertisers now and admits that Android wouldn’t have been successful on its own10:06: What about other competitors Rubin believes that Android and iPhone have a distinct advantage because both are new–they don’t have to haul along 20-year-old code in Symbian and Windows Mobile Palm went through the same cycle10:07: Is it bad code just because it’s old code asks Mossberg Rubin notes that old code is problematic because the people who built it were in a different pre-Internet era They didn’t design those OSs for the Internet That gives Android a speed advantage10:08: Mossberg wonders if Rubin finds anything praiseworthy in Windows Phone 7 Rubin acknowledges that it was a big bet but calls it “a good 10 product” It does look different and unique and there are connected services that can be built around it “It’s solid. Before he was detained today,Stone.
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