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from 2003 to date, Jilin Province, only 28 people donated blood stem cells. Meanwhile, the staff said,outlet moncler, the traditional concept of the existence of errors people that donated blood stem cells in the body would have a huge impact, but the reality is not so.Bo East correspondent for the source of lifeVoices Online February 27 hearing, “you luck na backward today.” “His poor luck none of your business?” At 16:00 on February 26th and more, Kaifu District, Changsha, Wu Jialing Village Day two pieces of a chess indoor area,tiffany orecchini, When the altercation and poker buddies Wang poker card room segment boss, then,moncler doudoune, Wang suddenly pulled out a knife and stabbed the owner section from jacket pocket.

it is possible to find matching the success of leukemia patients. Hearing this guy immediately northeast of the blood to do the relevant procedures.For four years, promises never to change phone numbersLater,hogan outlet, Un Yong Kim returned home to start a business in Dunhua City, in the busy past four years, Un Yong Kim’s life has gradually changed, the only change is that he left to become a volunteer at the phone number. Because he knows this number once sounded, it means that there is a need for life by giving him hope to live.In early 2011, Un Yong Kim received a phone call from Beijing, children with leukemia and he got a matching success. He promised to honor the year’s time. However, when the family about the incident, not only at home no one agrees,louboutin femme pas cher, even my friends are against stem cell donation Un Yong Kim, fearing that he would therefore sequelae. A few days later,hogan olympia uomo, Un Yong Kim to convince family and friends.

and his wife arrived in Beijing.And ShouJuanZhe never metIn March, Un Yong Kim and his wife came to Beijing for medical examination of the body showed Un Yong Kim for donated blood stem cells. May 28,hogan 2014 uomo, Un Yong Kim Air Force General Hospital in Beijing, donated blood stem cells. To stem cells and blood separation,christian louboutin soldes, Un Yong Kim needs continuous injection of 4 days of recombinant human stem cell mobilization agents, these four days,hollister milano, Un Yong Kim waist and bone and joint must endure tremendous pain every day. When June 1 Children’s Day, Un Yong Kim donated 100 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension.According to relevant regulations, Un Yong Kim also did not know until now accept him hematopoietic stem cells child is a girl born in 1997. Jilin China Bone Marrow Bank staff sub-library of reports.

18 blood samples came lad unified by matching only one security guard and small Aochun Xi Yue Yue stem cells the same. “Well can save, I agreed without thinking.” 28-year-old Aochun Xi said he is in Inner Mongolia, the doctor learned that he had just been offered a month ago after a blood, persuaded him to donate some time to recover But Aochun Xi insisted donate. October 20,air max pas cher pour femme, Aochun Xi Yue Yue small donation 260ml, after 40 minutes of blood and platelet separation day,hollister abercrombie pas cher, security guards platelet Aochun Xi Yue Yue finally out of danger.People’s Hospital, doctors said that the current small Yue Yue’s condition has spent 150,000 yuan, still need chemotherapy for two years, will need to spend about $ 500,woolrich outlet,000. Yue Yue’s parents, said the cost of 200.

000 yuan is still missing.Morning News reporter Hao Tao / textWu Ning,soldes hollister pas cher, chief photographeFour years ago,christian louboutin pas cher, when Kim Un-yong donation in Beijing, becoming the China Bone Marrow Bank to become a volunteer hematopoietic stem cells, and returned home in Dunhua City,barbour international, he promises to year, Un Yong Kim does not replace the phone number. Children’s Day four years later,doudoune moncler homme, Un Yong Kim never met as a child, donated 100 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension,barbour paris, sent out hope for that child to live.Beijing became the hematopoietic stem cell volunteer time to workUn Yong Kim Dunhua City man, aged 37, is currently the owner of a barbecue restaurant in Dunhua City. August 2006, Un Yong Kim was alone in Beijing while playing in the street to see a blood donation vehicle, never donated blood, he embarked on a blood donation drive gave 400 milliliters of blood.In the course of conversations with the staff, Un Yong Kim heard a lot of very great hope for leukemia patients treated about 100 ml of hematopoietic stem cell suspension that those patients who wish to live. Become China Bone Marrow Bank to become a volunteer hematopoietic stem cells.

in the evening you can return to rent the rest.Look forward to: the cost of medical treatment is still missing 200,000 yuanIn early October, a small Yue Yue sudden high fever. She was diagnosed with small Yue Yue need to immediately add platelets,hogan stivali donna, otherwise life-threatening. Yue Yue is blood type A, consistent with the mother’s blood, but because of the long-term care for his daughter Ms. Sun overwork, blood examination showed poor state, not suitable for donation.After the security guard who got the news, have expressed their willingness to donate. October 18.