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a greater sense of well-being index is the “diagnosis” to help the government find policy implementation issues. � Beijing News Reporter Song knowledge diameter from Beijing(Original title: “Happy Society” as much as policy obj”Los Angeles Times” January 3 article, the original title: Chinese workers leave arrangements so perplexed Chinese laborers who once again how to open the new year? The answer is: starting Friday 8 days of continuous work. This is all thanks to a bad holiday gift arrangements. Critics say that this year’s schedule is neither logical nor respect the significance of the weekend.Each year, China’s working class have to endure the torment official holiday arrangements. Public holidays shall be placed over the entire seven days.

container truck drivers behind them are suddenly felt a great surge of impact force. His first reaction is sure to be rear-ended. He immediately slow down, pull over. The car did not stop, has been burning up the back,abercrombie pas cher, Zhang master quickly took a fire extinguisher to the fire.

including four days is not a fixed date. For this reason, people are forced to work in the next week to make up for.In 2013,abercrombie, China’s labor force will have five Saturdays and seven on Sundays should work. Together, they will face a continuous eight-day working period,tiffany roma, three consecutive seven-day working period, as well as two consecutive six-day working period.Chinese government likes arrange at least three days of holiday to allow people to travel and consumption. Because there is little opportunity for employers to provide paid leave for employees to rely on statutory holidays Chinese laborers for a short break.Still, many people are still the most recent New Year holiday arrangements and scratching their heads. They go to work Monday,hollister pas chere, Tuesday through Thursday holiday, then that is a continuous duty cycle of eight days. A netizen said: “I hope they give us a day off the New Year,http://my.mayizx.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=150439, or simply do not put a day.” Another viewer said, “This is simply torture people!” Hainan Given this arrangement may allow workers inconvenienced, so there is no central command execution,hogan 2014, the province a day off on Monday.(United States), “Business Week” magazine presented a theory that this year’s New Year’s holiday arrangements so unusual because the government wants workers to work on December 31, in order to enhance the economic data.Perhaps comforting that this year’s holiday arrangements also are not as complex in 2010. Autumn was not due to coincide with the National Day,christian louboutin femme, as usual,hogan outlet, many people feel overwhelmed. The relevant departments to develop a plan of arrangement holiday complex,hollister online, people have to repeat a word to remind yourself when to go to work: “Hugh one on three, three off the six,abercrombie soldes, seven or two off and then break one.” (Author David Peel Sen,http://www.gzbbangz.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=1301964&extra=,air max femme, Evans translation)(Original title: US media: Chinese holiday arrangement cIt would have been a good trip how. They went to Shanghai to see his son from Taizhou working there. Taizhou car with a lot of tangerine. Who would have thought this trip travel.

the public policy objectives to be recognized in this regard is important.”But how to understand happiness, does not explore in depth.” Xing Zhanjun said.He believes that the CCTV program “Are you happy,http://www.tgbuying.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=320292,” the question sparked discussion,tiffany orecchini, because this issue is too abstract,barbour soldes, there is no standard answer.A large area of � bstraction into the policy objective,magasin hollister,http://bolailu.com/thread-283352-1-1.html, Xing Zhanjun most worried about is the “concept into the empty talk”, regardless of where the actual or no real content.In addition,christian louboutin soldes, researchers are worried that once the happiness index-linked and performance data, there may be fraud. And if the water in the index of subjective feelings of people, can easily lead to resentment.Many researchers in view.

became human tragedy: the couple opened a Skoda car,http://forum.ea3w.com/?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, the car caught fire on the highway rear container, car firmly stuck in the bottom of the container truck, dragged along a two hundred meters before it stopped,http://www.aileile.com/home.php?mod=space&uid=8557, then caught fire,http://forum.ea3w.com/?mod=spacecp&ac=blog&blogid=, ashes …Their son in Shanghai,giuseppe zanotti, and then did not wait for their parents,http://blackworld.com/sn/blog_entry.php?user=jod3oz75n95&blogentry_id=3267, but also did not eat oranges hometown.At 11:00 on November 15 and more, the Shanghai-Hangzhou high-speed traffic is not that much. Hangzhou loading a license set,outlet tiffany, loaded with instant noodles Master Kong to Shanghai. 11:50 or so,tiffany, when the over-Jiaxing Dong toll station about 5 km.