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After a year industry reshuffle monitor market outlook 2013

global market research firm TrendForce WitsView’s research department said that in 2013 global LCD monitor (including AIO) shipments will show a continuing decline trend. WitsView estimated 2013 aggregate AIO’s LCD monitor shipments of about 165 million units, the annual reduction rate of 2.8%, which monitors about 151 million units, the annual reduction rate of 3.7%; AIO approximately 14 million units, annual growth rate of about 8.1%. In addition to shipments, in 2013 the market will monitor the result of adding the new dimensions which have changed. Recalling 2012 reshuffle monitor market and we look forward to more in-depth development of the market monitor 2013 prosperous. Outlook 2013: The new dimension into the monitor market According to WitsView said that for 2013 LCD monitor market developments remain conservative views. Demand side from the market point of view, there are three major factors: First, the global economic performance is still full of uncertainty, consumers still need to tighten their fear; Second, the actual LCD monitor for the PC peripheral products, despite the success of market expectations Win8 However, estimates tablet PC market will continue to be selling computers and smart phones exclusion; Third, the products to thin fashion, Ultrabook / Ultra-like laptop prices will lift the wind, threatening the traditional PC (Tables machine monitor) of size of the market. Supply-side part, due to the strategic panel plant production capacity will go better profit products such as LCD TVs and tablet computers, LCD monitor panel production continued to decline. In addition, the 2013 LCD monitor market will be joined by the new dimensions which have changed, new dimensions to 19.5W products by brand factory most attention, mainly due to the wireless audio video sender and receiver 20W 18.5W 19.5W ranged between, according to WitsView statistics, 2012 In 18.5W, 19W and 20W three dimensions of the total monitor shipments accounted for about 44% of its potential market displacement effects should not be underestimated. As for the panel makers who, 19.5W at six-generation line can be achieved with the same 24 18.5W cut cutting edge, has an excellent glass utilization. Just this year, although CMI mass 19.5W, but by 2013 the LGD and AUO will join the ranks outdoor wireless bridge 5ghz of production, making 19.5W market share will have the opportunity to watch more than 7%. Review 2012: industry reshuffle the technical innovation of product homogeneity, monitors 2012 hard forward to substantial growth in demand for all manufacturers dog eat dog, the major monitor manufacturers have valued this opportunity in the country, a wide variety of surveillance is filled with security market. 2011 can be described as a year of rapid development of LCD monitors with LCD technology matures and costs continue to decline, the LCD monitor is no longer as before, lofty, but become more “people” together, not only in LCD monitors increasingly wide industrial applications, but also in continued low prices in the past, LCD monitor profits generally above 50%, from 2009, 2010 LCD monitor since the rapid development of industry, the manufacturers want to maintain profits are somewhat difficult. Why is experiencing rapid development, manufacturers are already struggling? This is the main reason or LCD monitor product homogeneity, most manufacturers of products for the industry and there is no difference, some of the manufacturers in order to compete for market share, they take low-cost means to compete, to win the short-term gains. This is no capability of independent innovation, product single enterprise is undoubtedly accelerated the pace of its phase-out, so there have been industry reshuffle remarks. After shuffling, intelligence is the development direction after experiencing shuffle, how to monitor the development of the industry will enter the state? What kind of monitor wireless transmitter is consistent with the needs of social development? Smart HD is the development direction of the monitoring system for the back-end monitoring system, LCD monitor new technology trends are: Full HD display technology is one, as well as video data interpolation frame doubling technology, intelligent computing technology, IPS’s Hard-screen display full view technology. LG Guo Wei interview, said to reporters, including full HD monitor market is the security industry as a whole, including the inevitable trend of development. LG has launched the ultra-narrow frame LCD splicing products (47WV30, 47WV30B and 55WV70) can support full HD display, you need to all aspects of the industry chain to work together to jointly promote to jointly promote the rapid arrival of the HD era.