parajumpers but I can not let her know I was scavenging in fact

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but also opened a screen printing shop, life enough to live comfortably. In 1997, the talk of the town with the daughter. However,parajumpers, a bolt, a sudden turn of events changed his rest of his life.Not long after her daughter was born, hear his wife was killed in a traffic accident, suffer great pain of Lao Li has been unable to continue to operate the printing shop. Is raising her daughter,hollister carugate, talk of the town sold the painting,chaussure louboutin homme, opened a clothing store, did express, but still have not made money. The last talk of the town to do a warehouse, and has been led by reuse, but at this time of doom come again,louboutin paris, Lao Li’s legs were injured in an accident,parajumpers, came to a disability,boutique louboutin paris, you can not do it again heavy work. At this point,basket louboutin femme, talk of the town and his family on the property issue had an argument: “parents and I live together, but they are my brothers rob my house, then every fight,woolrich outlet online, I can not stand, had away from home. “Lao Li said he deliberately chose August 18, 2008 to leave Shanghai,scarpe hogan outlet, Anhui in the pig business. “Originally wanted to send a little money,basket louboutin, I did not expect or not to, do not want to go home but could not bear her daughter, only to Suzhou picking up.” Lao Li told reporters that his family thought he was working in Anhui.His daughter is a spiritual pillarFor the talk of the town this frail scholar, the scavengers have not fared well. The beginning because of the face, he is looking for trash to remote areas, after being seen holding something and ran. Later, because of the life force has refused to take these. He said that in picking up nearly three years, has suffered numerous supercilious and ridicule, and physical torture is the most difficult. “One year the Spring Festival, scrap yards closed, picking things sold, a total of three days of New Year’s Day to eat a meal.”But the most excruciating daughter is missing. Lao Li admitted that in addition to the life force select scavengers, but also an important reason for their daughters to school. Daughter is now in Shanghai, a circus school.

a relatively large amount, his behavior constituted the crime snatch. Both of crime is extremely cruel means, the consequences are especially serious social harm, made the first-instance judgment accordingly.A life accident, the boss has a bachelor’s degree helpless individuals embarked scavengers road,pjs doudoune, tough life, support his love for her daughter – in order to allow her daughter to complete their studies, he wants in his eyes and laughed this much continue down the road. Recently, in a very elevated Suzhou South Central “legendary” color pickers talk of the town into the reporter’s attention.Has a bachelor’s degree scavengersGreasy hair, dirty beard, almost dirty white to black jacket, sour smell wafting body can wind the reporter saw four or five meters … talk of the town in the Suzhou South Central Viaduct, he is quiet by lying on a straw mat, broken jacket paved “bed” eyes closed. Although unkempt, but still pale countenance talk of the town. Side filled with a variety of old clothes, old furniture, scrap plastic bottles – these are all of his belongings.Reporters learned that visit, talk of the town and no surprise, saying the media have interviewed him, he was also willing to suffer these past few years a spit faster.Lao Li told reporters that his 51-year-old, from Shanghai, authentic, veteran university graduates. In 1979, the talk of the town and electromagnetic measuring instruments admitted to professional Shanghai Polytechnic University,woolrich uomo, and after graduation was assigned to a neighborhood factory,parajumpers paris, into the plant in the afternoon, he was appointed Director of Sales. “I learned profession in the country only four schools, then enjoy a cadre of university graduates, but the treatment.”A turn of events changed the rest of his lifeAfter nearly 10 years, the talk of the town have their own families.

I want to see her Now look, but I do not dare even the phone, afraid she heard my voice cry. “Helped two distressed womenWhy not accept help rescue shelter? Lao Li said staying inside is not free, but also can be sent back to Shanghai, so give up. He admits now been adapted to the scavenging life.According to Lao Li said last year he had two rescue woman. One night in January 2010, he and his companions returned to pick up waste.

annual tuition and living expenses adds up to about 10,pjs homme,002,zanotti, “I now have a year of living allowances 6000, the daughter of poor families have children bursaries 3000,christian louboutin, plus she $ 3,hogan scarpe,000 scholarship,tiffany milano, just enough, but if I have to work, it can not be considered subsistence and income estimates will not be high, the daughter of 3000 guaranteeing that you’ll get a scholarship. “Although distressed daughter, but picking up three years and never hear his daughter contacted:. “She studied very busy, I do not want to distract her, but I can not let her know I was scavenging in fact.