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a university graduate, Guangdong an unbearable pressure to find a job in the bedroom Ziyishenwang … more occurred since the year student cases, behind the majority of the “raw edge” figure. Exhausted parents to attend education, schools focus on academic achievement, graduation rates and ignore “hamstrung” Students need more care groups had instead suffered “institutional” cold.Questions that students often have problems behind the family. Kaiping City, Guangdong Zhong source every year on Memorial Secondary School impose sanctions warning over a dozen students in-depth analysis. The quintessence, the analysis shows that the problem behind most of the students have family education. Parents excessive pampering, simple and crude, non-normal occupation have become a major cause of student problems.”Xiemou family education falls mainly on the mother, and the mother have to work to support the family, taking care of sick daughter, strength and energy are difficult and meticulous care Xiemou learning, living,parajumpers femme, let alone education.” A person familiar with the situation neighborhood said.Outside the family education.

mental health education content should guide students to ease the psychological problems of science. The quintessence say, mental health education and training can not rely on a single set a course to solve,hogan scarpe, but should put all educational platform psychological education and classroom education,doudoune parajumpers, life education, safety and education combined,parajumpers, penetrated into all educational practice activities. For example, the chemistry experiment course, once the experiment is unsuccessful,parajumpers, then the patience to guide students repeatedly do, both the growth process of knowledge,hogan milano, but also a setback educational process.Professor, Department of Youth China Youth Political College Liu Weibing proposal, educational administrative departments shall teacher selection,barbour france, access, the set pre-conditions,red bottom shoes for women, requiring teachers must possess the relevant national regulations permit mental health practitioners, to prevent entering of teachers to participate in relevant mental health education and training “skimming” phenomenon.To compensate for the short board family education in recent years, many schools nationwide offer specialized school for parents.

school education “score is king”, tend to focus on “educating minute” while ignoring the “education.” Vice president of 21st Century Education Research XiongBingJi said: “In the test scores as the leading educational evaluation system, the students’ psychological and moral quality education they can not be immediate, increase basic project evaluation scores are marginalized,woolrich donna, staffing, qualification levels are the need to keep up with reality,doudoune parajumpers femme, over time they ignored the ‘raw edges’ comprehensive development. “Kaiping City, Guangdong Department of Education, said party members moral middle and high school teachers are basically the vice president in charge of Lands,woolrich online, the political and religious director, a part-time teacher,hogan uomo, the teacher and the level of force with limited, the city’s more than 6,000 primary and secondary school teachers, only ten Many got Guangdong Province Class A mental health education and counseling certificate. “Associated with the various schools have mental health education facilities, but some formality,hogan outlet, especially large-scale urban schools, the large number of students,scarpe hogan uomo, teachers Lands exhausted,hogan, mental health education is very passive, time and energy Gubuguolai . “”He was the incident,chaussure zanotti, I did not see any signs,zanotti pas cher, signs, I am not an expert mental health, usually rely on the basic empirical observation of students.” Xiemou teacher Guo said.”Marginal students” Do not “marginalized”Education should not only focus on “Excellence”.

” leader “and also difficult to be accepted by the students recognized, thus becoming the school’s” marginalized. “”Sentence inadvertently criticism, or even a look, action, are likely to be long-lasting psychological shadow planted in the minds of students, resulting in ‘black box’ effect, shut down a child’s mind.” Kaiping City, Guangdong Zhong source of the quintessence Memorial Secondary School Principals said.”Education” or “education division”?14-year-old Hunan county juvenile addiction knife and stabbed his father,louboutin femme, a former college entrance exam Chengdu was discriminated against because of the killing of a student.

but also to deal with “marginal students” to give more care to address the “problem students” and “problem” so “marginal students” no longer “marginalized.”XiongBingJi believe that teachers’ salaries, bonuses linked only with the student’s scores, naturally it will be difficult to promote teacher from “education division” to “education” change their ideas. Education should change the current single score evaluation system to improve the assessment of the right weight and attention to students’ moral qualities, psychological qualities such as education and training, to prevent the students earn points as a tool that allows the quality of education is no longer marginalized students to achieve a comprehensive development of.Psychological problems are “raw edge” of the main problems.