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In the afternoon,parajumpers femme, Dumou let the 2.34 million yuan of one million yuan to himself as one of the shareholders of Hainan Hebei Coast Mining Limited (hereinafter referred to as “Ji shore Mining”),abercrombie italia, on account of the legal representative of the machinery factory Kang . April 12,magasin hollister, 2010, which will be 1 million yuan Ji Dumou shore mining on account of the use of 800,000 yuan lent Zhao, May 13 the same year, Zhao returned the money. In the same year in July, go with its one million yuan in Hebei shore mining machinery plant Faure 938,000 yuan to buy a six jigger workshop production line for two of their investments,zanotti, the use of business until January 2012 When the incident.August 28,hogan scarpe, 2012 and March 13 of this year, Longhua District, Haikou City Court hearing the case twice,magasin hollister, has yet to make a ruling. It is reported that during the trial, denied the allegations Dumou prosecution.It is understood by the Haikou Municipal People’s Procuratorate approved, January 17,spaccio woolrich, 2012 in Haikou Municipal Public Security Bureau will Dumou arrested Feb. 22 council on Dumou bail.More than 200 million alleged fraud was wantedAt 11:00 on September 9, Dumou boarding was found in Haikou Meilan Airport is Hebei online fugitives wanted by the police officers, Meilan Airport Public Security Bureau ordered its control.13 am,christian louboutin pas cher, reporters Meilan Airport in Haikou City Public Security Bureau to see the escort came from Hebei Handan Dumou County Public Security Bureau police officer Liu. Liu police reports, in 2011, a victim to the police report said Mr. Zhao, and Sohn Dumou ore project in order to be able to get to the next name,christian louboutin for cheap, its going to cost $ 5 million, the final project did not run down, which is more than 200 million two suspects were divided.Earlier this year, Sohn suspects to justice,doudoune pjs, but Dumou been on the run. September 4, the local procuratorate approved the arrest Dumou. 6, Handan police wanted the country to access the information.China Jiangsu Network July 29 hearing son college entrance examination scores did not reach a prestigious Nanjing admission line.

when can help. Entrance just after the year in June, the results have not released,cheap christian louboutin, Nanjing this prestigious one teacher recruitment to the MSC, Wu came forward to entertain the teacher and asked Hwang accompany them. In the meantime,barbour paris, the three talked about college admission, Hwang learned through the “dot trick” the way of contributions admission into the school.

the original Rugao Municipal Committee, such as town party secretary Hwang thought “dot trick” the road, so to find business owners Wu, let him get admissions to a school, perhaps 1 million donation Wu dig tuition fees. Prosecutors to identify,giuseppe zanotti, Hwang use as Rugao Municipal Committee,christian louboutin sale, party secretary and other duties such as urban convenience in land acquisition, land, etc. to seek benefits for others, accepting Wu and Nantong, Shanghai and other places,parajumpers femme, institutions and individuals bribery Total 158.8 million. Nantong Intermediate People’s Court of First Instance of taking bribes, sentenced to nine years for Hwang; Hwang refused to accept the appeal. Recently, the Jiangsu High Court of Final Appeal, dismissed Hwang appeal and upheld the original verdict,barbour femme, judgment is now in effect.Son prestigious enough points, “point move” moneyWine on the table,christian louboutin uk, he hinted that local business owners to donate 1 millionProsecution allegations, Hwang Wu bribes is the largest sum of one million. This money and Hwang son about the college admission.Wu is in town to do business as a company owner, Jiangsu. Verdict stated,tiffany outlet, one day after the 2011 Spring Festival, Wu please Hwang family, during which the two men talked about the college admission thing. Coincidentally, Hwang son to take the exam in June this year. Wu said he had acquaintances in a prestigious Nanjing.