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friends said he Nanjing version of “Super Daddy”You know Cao Xueqin wrote “Dream of Red Mansions” 80 back before many words it? The answer is 610,000 words. However, the name and the father of the baby,parajumpers femme, Nanjing, even in the two and a half years, writing a 600,000-word log,christian louboutin discount, recording his son’s growing footprint. The reporter in its log messages to see a lot of friends, and Mr. Chan scared Nanjing version of “Super Daddy.”600,000 words, 479, 900 days … counted, and Mr. write an average of 1.8 days, while the average number of words of each 1250 words. “It’s not easy, not only to observe the changes in the child’s growth carefully subtle, but also in the line of his writings, which requires not only the mother-like care and patience, but also a writer of strokes.” One user said, he is Nanjing version of “Super Daddy” ah!”Taurus (the child’s nickname) is getting fat body, and hold in the hands of more and more heavy. Sometimes I think.

when it is practiced on a dumbbell. Chubby dumbbell, Oh,parajumpers femme, I feel good.” So the image vivid metaphor,bracciale tiffany, but also attracted many onlookers. The reporter from the front to the rear browser, users click on each post has to watch, browse around as much as tens of thousands of people,doudoune moncler femme, but the message is up to tens of thousands of people.Record child dripFrom the basic necessities of life to the character creation, writing at the side summarize the pros and cons of Education”Growing beef, in addition to weight,hollister, another very important indicator is the diapers. First month, with the NB code. Later he changed to S number. Just change, but also feel quite No. S big, small ass bag into space as well as the rich. Now die, obviously rigid, Oh, there’s space to be much smaller. It seems immediately want to change the M number. “Mr. wrote in the log .”If it is not personal experience.

personally take care of the baby, so certainly do not know the fine.” A netizen said. And Mr. told reporters that he used to write the log,peuterey prezzi, just entertain, then more and more people concern, has become a driving force of. “They are very fond of watching a play written just beginning, one article of 200 words to become, gradually, fun son behave more and more, the text will continue to increase. Many details bit by bit , on the virtue of a day of observation, most people find it easy to overlook the details, write it down, it fun. “Mr. said.The reporter saw, as the child grew up, and Mr. log contents from the beginning simple daily life, into the character of fostering children. To the back, he was writing a log of when the child is growing constantly sum up, what is the progress of the local children, which is the child doing a good job, you need to be improved. “Once heart sank to write,air max pas cher femme, it will seriously think about it, to sum up, then there will be changes in the way culture.” Mr. said.Who want to give up a few degrees7 late parents’ hope and caring friends “behind” himMr. said that from his son was born,parajumpers pas cher, he wanted to write his son’s growth process. These logs are written entirely using spare time to write the work.

may buy real feelings?In unfamiliar Changchun, he intends to stay for two days. In any case,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, it will not give any chance. He wanted to say to his wife, she was not his drag, as long as she was, the whole family together to face,hollister, together is happiness.When his wife left, wearing a purple coat, black pants,barbour homme, wearing a sandal. “Juan, come back and let me take care of you!”If someone saw Shujuan Yang, Qi Yao can call Tel:; also be made with a new culture contact: 0431-96618.Culture News reporter Son was born 900 days,christian louboutin shoes, who lives in Nanjing residents and Mr. Cool Huayang Garden Gate Avenue,abercrombie london, and for his son wrote a 479-word logs totaling more than 600,000. In addition, more than 5,000 images captured, this son of a better record of growth. For this reason, and Mr. users online popular pursuit, he was friends known as the “Nanjing version of Super Daddy.”Said raising children is difficult,pjs doudoune, and Mr. spare time taking advantage of the work, written so many words, is quite easy. Mr. told reporters that he also wanted to give up several times,christian louboutin shoes, but look forward to family and friends, especially his own hometown in Jiangxi Province, far more than 70-year-old’s parents,air jordan femme, often by looking at the logs for grandson’s every move, so he stuck with it.The reporter Mei Jianming600,basket louboutin,000 words log InternetAttracted thousands of messages.