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and I am particularly helpless.” Lei Peng recalls.National Day holiday, the last day of school begins. “Lei Peng how tonight on the study did not come?” Received the head teacher’s phone, Ray mother realized: kids are really gone.After six days trapped escape Patrol for helpOctober 8 morning,parajumpers femme, six days trapped Lei Peng grab breakfast time ran out, take a taxi to WESTERN Plaza Patrol platform. “The policeman, help me,parajumpers paris, somebody was chasing me, I have to fight.” Duty police quickly stepped forward to pacify and asked what had happened.After listening experience Lei Peng, police were first impression is being cheated MLM organizations. See Lei Peng anxious to go home, the police were immediately made contact with his parents. People want to know their family to arrive the next day.

catch the seven-hour drive, a simple and kind-hearted mother, only to save his son out of the woods to see the Patrol,parajumpers homme, in person to thank for that. This morning, Yongchuan District Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment police WESTERN Square platform, told reporters on the side of the story behind the banner.Son “runaways” Yongchuan see friendsLei Peng (pseudonym) is Meishan, Sichuan people, only 15 years old. Last October 3, he invited friends to play down to Yongchuan, was brought into a building seven, eight-story residential buildings of old, trapped for several days.”Cried tears dry, any way want to,bracciale tiffany, and also threw out the window appeal letter, the letter can be seen by passers-by for help kicking or being garbage sanitation workers swept away.

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but also her “encouragement.” In her view, the marriage of two people but also often “affection”, so the marriage will not be too boring.Because two people are now living in different places, did anything special this Valentine’s Day. Mr. trader said that in addition there was a time he was busy and did not “tell the truth”.

2012 Valentine’s Day this year just two years. They married gave birth to a son, Yingying is currently home to resign in Nanjing with children. “My job requires frequent travel, was on a business trip would like to report a safe, they made a microblogging.” Mr. trader said Yingying often play microblogging, he played with small, very happy to see his wife after receiving his began “confession every day.”Reporters yesterday’s look at Mr. microblogging found Mr.’s most “confession” microblogging Yingying will receive a response. Interestingly, Yingying microblogging name is called “Yingying love tenderness”,basket louboutin femme, the two side by side. Yingying wife said her husband actually beginning to stick with it.

the police put Dayton platform across the Patrol Detachment hotel stay.The next day, the mother Xiaopeng was safe back home.Mother was removed more than 400 kilometers to send a banner thanks”Patrol received a call, I heard that his son found it, I nonstop rush over,abercrombie & fitch, the mood was so excited,tiffany milano, and even the police did not say hello, took the child picked up. And other home feeling calm down, just remember to forget to say thank you. “Ray said his mother, from that day on, come Yongchuan, meet benefactor, personally say thank you, but it became her unfulfilled wish.The afternoon of March 1, WESTERN square platform usher in a special guest, and that is mine mother. When you see the danger of police to save his son and Liu Yun, Yao Tao, Lei mother carefully prepared quickly sent a banner: “Thanks to the good people of the patrol helpfulness new trend.”However, more than 400 km away from Sichuan Meishan came Yongchuan,christian louboutin outlet, this trip is not easy. Ray said his mother, she was a factory wage,moncler piumini, low income, will not dare to leave the delay. At noon the day before yesterday, I heard that the factory does not go to work the next day maintenance of the machine, my heart made up his mind to come Yongchuan. Get up at 6 am, 10:00 had boarded the bus bound for Yongchuan,basket louboutin, after more than six hours, at 17:00 o’clock, my mother finally arrived at the Yongchuan mine.”Do not feel tired, I have a happy and relaxed mind, but that has not after.” When the sun sets,woolrich milano, Ray mother face a sweet smile.Sina microblogging @ tenderness love Yingying: Dear Yingying wife,doudoune moncler pas cher, I love you!Reporter micro visit (Shifeng Ling) from December 24, 2012 until the present, Mr. providers often bloggers are on the microblogging such a “confession.” Mr. providers work in Wuchang, said the microblogging Yingying was originally opened as a wife, and now he is almost 200 times the confession. A friend joked that his confession called the history of the largest number.Mr. quotient Yingying and his wife met on February 14.