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or passphrase such words, this frivolous signature word, Mrs. Ma looked it should be a little advice.”In any case, “the note storm” as a spokesperson revealed high risk, in addition to attentive, but also to understand the “political”, or at any time may inadvertently mines.A spokesman from reporter toUnlike in the past, Ma Ying-jeou’s three spokesman Wang Yu Qi, Fan Chiang Tai-chi and Li Jia Fei, not from the “diplomatic” system – the former is a scholar, was born after the two media. The outside world that this is Ma’s core staff, the current “ROC representative” of the King Pu-tsung related. It is said that Ma Ying-jeou in the selection will refer King Pu-tsung views. A spokesman told reporters the role of gold that similar public relations skills are required.In 2003,parajumpers france, after graduating from Master Li Jia Fei, did not participate in the lawyers’ national test “,barbour pas cher, but took part in the Central News Agency’s recruitment,giuseppe zanotti, entered the media circle. Her perceptive strong need for reporters to work Tongquandabian natural ease. Later, she was assigned to run the main party and government affairs and news.

the case of “paper storm.” May 20 this year, the Taiwan authorities at the meeting on disaster prevention, Ma Ying-jeou because of overwork, dozed off at the venue. The presence of Li Jia Fei took a look at the media, and quickly handed him a note that read: “President: Media in the film you doze Fei” Unfortunately, not only did it note reminders to Ma Ying-jeou, the media has also been found the result is a meal heavy criticism.A senior KMT noted Jia Fei There are many ways this can remind the Ma Ying-jeou, has chosen the least wise. “She put the matter with President doze written down in black and white, but also all the way from the table to pass in the past,louboutin homme pas cher, for all to see, but also to the media photographed,woolrich arctic parka, this is not a white head (Taiwanese: confuse the situation) Well!” Yet There are a lot of critics on “Fei” signature fuss,scarpe hogan, questioning her too mushy. DPP “legislators” Chen Chi-mai, said: “It’s like the book lover in your eyes.

after the completion of a master’s degree at National Taiwan University, or Kuomintang family background. In addition, Li Jia Fei then read the Faculty of Law,giubbotto woolrich, has been to Ma Ying-jeou of “international law” course. For this looks eye-catching students, Ma always remember. Jia Fei explained that it was because she and several classmates often after school class, the teacher to ask the reason the horse problem.Perhaps the results of words and deeds,barbour femme, and Li Jia Fei Ma Ying-jeou to convey the idea at the time, always very precise, very little slip of the tongue. In fact, this is often two to communicate, cultivate understanding. Jia Fei said that they will first meet every morning to discuss the day’s speeches focused on identifying, met breaking news,basket louboutin, Ma will discuss with her. And about the “president” of the press statement, Ma Ying-jeou will personally check,christian louboutin outlet, issued.Mr. Liu also have another understanding of time, which is to say to her shortly after taking office.

There are people expressed concerns about the management of the police force,hollister roma est, “even to someone posing as policeman for 23 years, but no one was found, it is simply terrible!”Chinese Yuan Gold Daily Roundup(Original title: US 69-year-old arrested for posing as police enforcement for 23 years Interview magazine spokeswoman Ma Li Jia Fei,hogan donna, every day is a battle � Global People Si Qian Feng special correspondent in TaipeiNot long ago, infighting Ma Ying-jeou and the “Legislative Yuan” Wang Jin in Taiwan ignited. Wang Jin softness, not evil, and won a lot of sympathy for the media; Ma Ying-jeou of identity constraints may not like Wang Jin is so “Speak.” Fortunately, he has a beautiful appearance, imaginative agility spokesman for his interpretation of the policy ideas,hogan donna, clarified many false reports. She is known as the “president-up artist” Li Jia Fei,cheap christian louboutin shoes, Taiwan’s “presidential” first female speaker.”Paper storm” of being approvedThis year 37-year-old Li Jia Fei, completely subvert the image of the traditional conceptual spokesman. Government spokesman past, most are inanimate,giubbotti woolrich, stern, keeping distance with the media, so as not to divulge too much “master” information. But Li Jia Fei lively personality,hogan milano, no shelves,chaussure louboutin homme, like the girl next door. She was willing to communicate, always meet the needs of the media as much as possible, even if the pro-DPP media,chaussures louboutin pas cher, and they are still “Bo feelings.”Outsiders often criticized Ma Ying-jeou, “the mirror to find someone,” meaning that he likes to use his experience and background about the person. Jia Fei almost all conditions are met: she and Ma Ying-jeou is the same as undergraduate reading law.