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a young woman from back to Tianjin, Inner Mongolia, via Beijing, into the hands of a stack of one hundred yuan grandmother, “she reminds me of his grandmother.”Beijing Chinese Medicine Hospital Rheumatology responsible Liu Hou Liping Li Xiuying see story, he said the most admired Grandma Lee optimism.He then contacted Ms. Wang Xiuying often volunteer to take care of, I hope to do a medical examination of the mother and the two old times. Liu said the two men were more than 1,barbour pas cher,700 yuan medical examinations,scarpin louboutin pas cher, hospital-wide free.The most remembered or daughterYesterday morning, Zhang Li Xiuying physicians to see, that she was 94 years old, was taken aback, “Your color can be good.”Lee Soo Young and her daughter’s arrival has also attracted other patients stepped forward to ask,christian louboutin sale, how old you are old?”I,tiffany, ah, 94 years old,barbour soldes,” and when it comes to 94, Lee Soo Young’s tone will be higher. I heard someone envious of her health and longevity.

the 74-year-old daughter, Hou Changfeng also belong to the “black households.”30 years ago,hollister italia, Hou Changfeng mother defected to Beijing. Son did not recognize her, but also canceled her account.”Mom is dead, I will follow the dead.” There is no household registration status of Hou Changfeng,basket louboutin, no health insurance, there is no guaranteeing that only rely on is the mother.Reporters said the SBG home Wuwei County police inquiry, a staff, Miss Hou said the commune have been merged into the SBG, “likely household lost, but the possibility of cancellation is unlikely.”To go through the account,abercrombie paris, I need to return to the local police station. “Do not bother, such a great age, less one day to live another day.” Ms. Hou hope this does not hold.Volunteer Ms. Wang said, we are most worried about is Hou Changfeng.

Early in the morning, still in the quiet of the Wangfujing Street, Lee Soo Young and daughter Hou Changfeng, in volunteers helped out car alley.For this tour, “travel”, the day before a shampoo wash specially at night, picking up waste YING remove weekdays wearing blue coat and striped apron, deliberately changed a clean white top hat.She is optimistic,parajumpers paris, “A Simple Life”YING blue gown and apron are marked on Wangfujing Street. Flashing screen and dazzling lights,barbour france, 94 years old, she bent over, leaning on a stainless steel frame, dodger dodger line.Lee Soo Young begging childhood growing up, after married,spaccio woolrich, she took a pair of children begging for a living.1951,tn pas chere, Li Xiuying to Beijing as a caregiver. She is the employer’s five children of “Simple Life.” Later years she lived in the employer’s house, and Wangfujing Street, across a channel.Today, she fed, contented life money to spend. But she still went to Wangfujing picking up waste every day, for saving money to cure his daughter septuagenarian.YING always say, life is good now, guaranteeing to rise to 800 yuan per month, she was very happy.She did not think to pick up waste is a chore, “picking up waste can help me some exercise,” because the fracture, right leg playing YING steel nail into four nails, she needs to hold the stand to walk.She become everyone’s “Grandma”Lee Soo Young thing, spread by the media, impress a lot of people.Followed the visitors, so she and her daughter somewhat overwhelmed, for a time, she became everyone’s grandmother.In early May.

her eyes narrowed a crack, huh very loud laughter.Dr. Chang give two elderly interrogation,chaussure louboutin, and then open the checklist,moncler outlet, mainly to check bone density, blood, electrocardiogram.The very fact that the elderly volunteers will help to check the instrument. Each finished an inspection, Li Xiuying are constantly bowed to thank the doctors and volunteers.When do the inspection,modelli hollister, Li grandmother and always looked out,air max femme pas cher, she was worried about her daughter.”My daughter checked? She’s disease may be more, diabetes, heart disease,giubbotti woolrich, high blood pressure.””No mom, I do not live.”Afternoon test results came out, Grandma Lee a little high blood sugar, lung infection, poor blood supply to the heart. These volunteers are all down Wang Zhuo.Zhang, MD, Lee Soo Young’s liver and spleen and pancreas and kidney function are good. But the situation was bad daughter. Check once fainted several times, found to have a serious heart condition.Dr. Chang said that Lee Soo Young’s daughter’s sudden death at any time may not be emotional, to control blood pressure, lack of exercise.In addition.