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and with the elderly discharged. After the old man died,parajumpers homme, Mr. Wang went to the hospital to find the responsible person, but was told the hospital inpatient hospital costs of the elderly still owes 3,000 yuan, which makes Mr. Wang is very surprised.Discharge procedures exist tricky actually discharged after the time of death in the elderlyAfter the death of the old man 13:30,boutique louboutin, Wang went to the hospital to ask the old man’s discharge procedures, the reporter saw at the discharge procedures, the elderly discharge time is 17 April 2 pm sharp, and signed by physicians and nurses. Mr. Wang’s time to get these procedures is April 2 around 14:30 pm, when the old man has died. And the hospital’s surgical risk assessment in the table,christian louboutin shoes, only Nurse anesthetists and signature,moncler outlet, chief physician to sign a blank.April 9 afternoon, the reporter came together with Wang Anqiu City People’s Hospital. Chen hospital responsible attitude is very tough to hospital in a meeting to discuss the Founder refused to explain. Wang waited until about 17:00 pm, the hospital still did not give any reply.(Original title: Anqiu Weifang People’s Hospital,christian louboutin shoes, the patient was discharged elderly died the same day inBritish hottest topic today petition website you agree to restore the death penalty? Parliament should debate whether this? Click here to vote in favor of the opposition voteShould the death penalty? To not from the EU? Gay can not donate blood?Just to get 100,000 signaturesEach proposal will be sent to the parliamentary debateAccording to the “Daily Mail” newspaper “Independent” and other British media reports, recently,giubbotti moncler, the British government launched a “petition site” for people online petition. If a joint petition to get 100,000 signatures, the British Parliament House of Commons must debate.British House of Commons leader George? Yang said that if people ignore the voice of the Parliament would be no reason to exist.Currently.

final hospital diagnosed as appendicitis. 18:00 the same day, the old man pushed the operating room to do the surgery,christian louboutin discount, about 8 pm, the end of surgery,hogan, hospital stay after surgery handled.After three days of hospital stay,moncler pas cher, in at 8:00 on April 2 and more, when Ma Zhiqiang physician general surgery ward rounds to go,christian louboutin outlet, suddenly short notice to handle the patient’s family immediately discharged, without re-treatment. Families on the spot after appendicitis surgery normal resting in hospital more than a week, so the edge of the elderly when there is congestion,barbour homme, would like to hospital for two days, the horse may have been firmly rejected the physician,barbour pas cher, said there is no problem completely discharged.According to Mr. Wang,hollister pas cher, the elderly more than 10 points for End discharge procedures, returned home about 11:00. And the old man returned home shortly sore, but more and more powerful. Wang quickly hit the 120 ambulance at 12:40 or so the old man sent back to the hospital emergency room, the final 13:30 or so doctors declared the elderly died. This result, Mr. Wang and other elderly family members distraught that the hospital must be responsible for the death of the elderly. And even more angry is that the elderly after the accident, the horse could not find a physician they disappeared person.Attorneys from hospital discharge procedures did not talk about buying more debtAccording to Mr. Wang, on the morning of April 2 Ma Zhiqiang physician at the time of discharge requirements for the elderly, so that Mr. Wang went to the cashier to pay 2225 yuan,parajumpers france, and told Mr. Wang said to say do not say go through the discharge is sent for deposit, which paid the the money would be discharged. The discharge procedures related to the patient’s family do not need to handle, the hospital will charge d’affaires for them. Wang said Ma by physicians to pay the costs.

the “petition site” on the hottest topics that the British should not restore the death penalty. “Daily Mail” on the 7th survey shows that the majority of Britons think the current British judicial system too lenient,nike france, more than half want to restore the death penalty.Open government “petition site”Inviting the public to participate in the political agenda4, “petition site” (“Daily Mail” said the Web site allows the public to help set the political agenda of the government, which means that anyone can launch an online petition in any political subject. If a joint petition to get 100,hogan scarpe,000 signatures, the British Parliament House of Commons have this debate.Currently,barbour, the site is the most talked about topic of death. 200 Stories Site initial petition received,woolrich outlet, more than 40 are demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty. 6 hours after the site opened, a restoration of the death penalty has been more than 9700 petition signatures. Meanwhile, on the site of the voice against the death penalty is very high, a related petition got more than 10,000 signatures.In addition, the British online petition includes: TV channel to be broadcast all F1 racing.