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leading to stunting of plants, from the mechanism would lead to cuts. How can fantasy GM crops increase it? According to our practical experience and scientific and technological achievements of the peasant masses proposed “soil, fertilizer, water, seed, secret, security, management and labor,” the “character of the Constitution”, emphasizing comprehensive take deep plowing, soil improvement, rational fertilization,parajumpers homme, irrigation water conservation and rational use of water, nurture and promote the seeds,peuterey outlet, close planting, plant protection,christian louboutin outlet, pest control,woolrich outlet, strengthen field management and eight stimulation tool reform,outlet peuterey, as well as local conditions, precision farming tradition, proved to be a scientific and effective. This is the way high-yield crops.

” They all push hands, including China, GM so far could not get any evidence to prove their points. The so-called transgenic yield, called by genetically modified “1.3 billion people solve the food problem” is completely a lie. New Zealand scholar Professor Hai Niman’s research team with five years of comparative empirical data, indicating that the transgenic appear later, without the use of transgenic technology in Western Europe, its production itself and trend output growth is higher than the use of transgenic technology in North America, GM soy ,abercrombie paris, corn,hollister pas cher, canola was like that. As someone offered no evidence of gene transfer to increase production, to convert it to reduce pesticides, this is sophistry, and indeed,chaussure zanotti, reduce pesticide called false – French agricultural pesticide use is much lower than the United States, has laid bare their This lie.Second, the West turn to China’s massive dumping of genetically modified crops, a serious impact on China’s traditional agriculture, exacerbated rather than reduced the Chinese food problem. In soybeans, for example, in recent years,zanotti, changes in the diet of residents,woolrich, edible oil consumption is growing rapidly, under the protection and development of traditional soybean prerequisite to certain conventional soybean imports to supplement is necessary. But GM soybeans opportunity abroad flood in.

imports of 2.88 million tons from 1997 to 2012 up to 58.38 million tons, almost completely destroyed the traditional soybean industry. Heilongjiang Soybean source of origin of the world had to “fill the fields of soybean Sorghum” and famous, by the impact of imports of genetically modified soybeans,giubbotti woolrich, Heilongjiang soybean acreage from a peak in 2009 of 7294 acres, 3898 acres last year dropped to 97% of the relevant businesses have ceased, semi-shutdown state. Heilongjiang starting from “the main soybean producing areas” to “import soybean sales area.” In 2012, a number of departments in Heilongjiang Province,barbour paris, the State Council departments and agencies to the NPC,abercrombie pas cher, made the proposal to establish a non-transgenic protected areas in the black, but not established by the competent authorities in order to protect non-GM areas necessary and rejected.Again, the current commercial promotion of genetically modified varieties, herbicide or insecticide only anti-features,christian louboutin sale, or a combination of both, from the mechanism does not involve yield factors, and Roundup Ready crops due to the foreign gene into the forced closing of Mang oxalic acid metabolic pathway.

this is the only way Chinese agriculture.Finally, because China and less arable land, population, food issues involving human life. China is not like the United States,barbour soldes, as a large number of sparsely populated farmland as a strategic reserve of natural systems, a problem can be remedied. We do not have room for trial and error, we can not take China’s 1.3 billion people to feed a child’s play. Not to mention the transgenic huge potential human health risks,hogan sito ufficiale, do not say how Western multinationals schemed to monopolize Chinese seeds and whole grain market, to strangle the Chinese people’s throats,louboutin, China how can such a big issue 1.3 billion people eat pay someone else to control reckless? Who in the world are willing and able to feed the 1.3 billion Chinese people? Even without any malice, even the Academy of Engineering also acknowledged that “the whole world that we could eat rice are sold to a few days.” President Xi Jinping recently seriousness that “China’s food security on our own,barbour,” “our own jobs primarily to install their own food production,” which is the true truth. We should unswervingly implement the directive. We rely on a large number of Chinese agricultural scientist Yuan Longping style ingenuity to solve the 1.3 billion Chinese people’s food problem, not harm than good style to import genetically modified products. China to rely on their own to solve the food problem, I believe the Chinese people are fully capable of wisdom to solve the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people.(The author is deputy secretary general of China National Security Forum PengGSouthern News correspondent reporter Zhang Zhao Xia Jiangli mom out to play mahjong, 5-year-old girl was locked alone in a room on the fifth floor.