parajumpers homme the security booth duty Zhaozong Wei is Simon Community

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after she died.Site security and the masses than told reporters: the driver repeatedly insulted Master Zhao. “Do more bad things are going to hell.” “You are a watchdog,” and fainted after Zhao master, not only did the woman came to visit, but the drill back to the car.The driver: two years running 8000 km, there is not likely to drive”I admit I was too excited.” Ms Cheng said someone’s driver,parajumpers homme, when she was just a child while supplies last, ready to turn around, but no attention went to the exit lane. At this time the busy road east, coupled with the next “two years before the 8000 km run,doudoune pjs, there is not likely to drive a car,” Ada Ada can not reverse the situation to the Security Consultative U-turn from the outlet into the area, Master Zhao was rejected. Ada then again in situ “frustrating” for several minutes, and had to pull over the car, “I vexation,” Ms Cheng choose to get off to discuss the security argument, this had an argument.Ms Cheng said that the quarrel is indeed a “abusive security” situation, but said “abuse is mutual.” Ada recalls two quarrel left, suddenly heard the sound behind him, looked back down to the ground Master Zhao, her head about Mongolia. Because the field gathered a large number of onlookers and property management staff, she had retreated to the car,nike air max femme, such as the police came to investigate. “I’m not online say no humanity, refused to apologize, I’ve been with the police investigation,” she told reporters: “The next morning she went to find the police station, to contact other family members to negotiate,christian louboutin outlet, but to leave the program because of the case, she has been unable to get in touch with each other. “Reporters learned that the deceased Zhaozong Wei Department Town Anso six people, born in 1951,scarpe hogan, to the district when the security has been more than two years. colleague Liu aunt told reporters.

two days before the residential construction waste cleanup, he also drew several car breath, the body is very strong. Leung district control room staff also confirmed: never seen Zhao medication, but also never ask too sick. “Father good health, what heart disease, high blood pressure are not.” According to his son,moncler piumini, Mr. Zhang said the cause of death on the death notice indicated for cardiac arrest.Aftermath: The two sides stand for negotiated settlementFor aftermath, reporters learned that the two sides had made initial contact on the 19th, have advocated negotiations to resolve the incident.Zhang told reporters, two days after the incident, the two sides have the first contact. Zhang said the case will depend on how to deal with the premise of Ada’s attitude, “If it is sincere apology, we can get an understanding of court.”Ms Cheng told reporters after the incident, she has been very fear, in order to ensure the safety of her children were even sent to the field. “The deceased was great,escarpin louboutin, and I will come up with 100% sincerity to negotiate.” She said that it would actively cooperate with the police investigation and compensate the families of the deceased.The two sides also said: do not rule out legal way to solve this problem. Master Zhao’s family hired a lawyer ready to safeguard their rights, and you may want to apply for the remains of the old man’s autopsy autopsy.19, Anhui Education Department official microblogging news release: Currently Ada has been suspended, according to the findings of the public security department, according to the Civil Service Law, the executive civil sanctions regulations,barbour soldes, such as those who make a serious deal for someone.Liu Tienan: rumors come trueLiu Tienan had problems early in the media at the end of 2011,hollister soldes, but did not mention his nameWen Zhang YanMay 12.

and Life” fortnightly half of DeceAccording to Xinhua News Agency on the 16th at 4 pm, the city east road camphor Nga cell door, a middle-aged woman driver tried to drive into the area from the door backwards export, was on duty security refused. Subsequently,christian louboutin for cheap, the driver got off an argument with security and abuse of its occurrence is a “watchdog.” . Through media exposure,parajumpers femme, arising from either woman in Anhui Province Department of Education a section-level cadres.Review: Women’s reverse the door was blocked exports curseRecently, the reporter came to the incident area, recalled the scene at the scene of several security still emotional. “The driver yelled too bad,orecchini tiffany, all the way to follow Master Zhao curse.”Afternoon incident, the security booth duty Zhaozong Wei is Simon Community, a white Skoda car approaching the front of the cell,louboutins, and tried to reverse from the exit to enter. Due to coincide with the weekend, out of traffic is large,abercrombie france, in order not to impede traffic, Zhaozong Wei allowed for the other side of the parking entrance into, then the two altercation.Monitoring Display: 16:14 Xu, wearing a dark windbreaker outside the driver came Barrier, across the fence with Master Zhao saying something, they each pointing. According to the site colleague recalls that it has been the driver Zhao master of insults, they do not want to argue with their flower beds turned toward the district office. The driver puts the car parked at the exit barrier edge, get off to recover the past. Is displayed on the monitor screen of the woman chased all the way Master Zhao,abercrombie london, emotional, they once again had an argument. About eight minutes later, the woman was in the crowd of persuasion,nike air max, step back toward the door. On the way back to the booth, and Zhao master suddenly fell to the ground,tn, followed by ambulance to the Medical First Affiliated Hospital Ann.

Xinhua News Agency news release: Deputy Director of the National Development and Reform Commission, the former State Energy Secretary Liu Tienan suspicion of serious violations, the organization is currently undergoing investigation. As a result, Liu Tienan become eighteen sacked again after a vice-ministerial level officials.Victory in the fight against corruption,pjs doudoune, and impressive is that: Liu Tienan become the highest-level officials who real name reported by the media.