parajumpers homme the Songhua River basin rainfall 2924 mm

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only 2.8% more than normal. Although this year’s flood season rainfall above normal, but not abnormal ones.From rains triggered floods, the flood did not occur this year, regional,parajumpers homme, basin-wide range of flood disaster, major rivers is relatively stable, but locally heavy floods and rains caused by more serious secondary disasters,hogan scarpe, such as Sichuan Dujiangyan, Yan’an,zanotti pas cher, Shaanxi, Gansu, in some places,hogan outlet online, such as the southeast. Therefore, this year flood has a smooth “surface”, “point” on the prominent feature.Since July,hogan uomo, the Northeast appear seven times stronger rainfall total. Among them,hollister felpe, the Songhua River basin rainfall 292.4 mm,doudoune pjs, earlier than normal ones 43.3%,parajumpers pas cher, second only to the same period of 295.2 mm in 1998, the second largest value for the same period in history.Guo Zhan-feng believes that the Songhua River basin floods also appear related to the upper reaches. Since June,giuseppe zanotti, the eastern region of Mongolia to Russia earlier than normal precipitation in southeastern 5% to 1 times above normal in some areas, 1 to 2 times above normal, the local ones more than 2-fold. Sustained by local rainfall and runoff upstream influence in eastern Russia, the Nen River, part of the River Songhua River, Heilongjiang River midstream appear warning level.For hot weather and drought flood appeared.

then there will be no greater precipitation. Also, during this period, in addition to 22 other periods of overall precipitation and temperature essentially flat with the same period the year.Years of August is the most active typhoon,louboutin homme pas cher, landed the most of the month. “Currently, more active ITCZ, northward, to bring convergence exuberant tropical cloud development, will gradually strengthen into a tropical storm or typhoon may affect or visit our.” Wang Xiuwen said. If there landfall southeast coast of China, will sent “timely”, to some extent, ease of southeastern hot dry weather.”So, at the end of August,hogan uomo, not only to pay attention to the drought, typhoon and waterlogging have to pay attention.” Wang Xiuwen said.Flood season this year weather conditions are generally moderate climate preferencesSince July, (municipality) average high temperature days in Shanghai, Zhejiang,woolrich parka, Jiangxi, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, Jiangsu, Hubei and other southern provinces to reach 28.8 days 8, appeared in southern China since 1951 most hot weather. Hot and dry leading to Guizhou, Hunan and other provinces have moderate to severe drought in the country in more than dry arid area of ��1.106 million square kilometers.Drought in the south, while the Northeast was significantly above normal rainfall, the Songhua River basin average precipitation reached 292.4 mm, 43.3% earlier than normal ones, Heilongjiang, Songhua River,barbour jackets, the Nen River appear warning level.Despite the unusual weather and climate events frequently multiple, weather experts say why this flood of poor weather and climate conditions are not?Guo Zhan-feng said that from the rainstorm floods.

the South and the Northeast continuous high temperature and drought continued strong rains of public concern. National Weather Service Forecast chamber is studying the senior engineer Wang Xiuwen said that at present many days in southern China continued hot weather area will begin northward narrow temperature range,tiffany roma, strength weakened.Our future will be focused on high-temperature region JAC, Huanghuai Midwest, Guizhou, Hunan and other arid areas will show an increasing trend of rain, high temperatures and drought conditions in central and southern Jiangnan will gradually be eased.For rainfall in Northeast China, Wang Xiuwen said that after August 22, there will be a strong precipitation process.

droughts, typhoons and other three major weather events and disasters of view, compared with the same period the year,boutique louboutin paris, this year’s flood season weather and climate conditions are not part of the year deviation.For this year’s flood season high temperature and drought,woolrich outlet, rainy north, typhoon etc.,tiffany milano, the National Climate Centre at the end of April early summer release of the national climate trends forecast, released in July by the end of June the national climate trends are predicted to make a fundamental right judgments. Therefore, pursuant to earlier levels of government prepare for,louboutin, obtain better defensive results.National Climate Monitoring and Analysis Center, as of August 15, this year the national flood season rainfall is 460 mm (annual value of 447.4 mm).