parajumpers paris “brush” after the color of a dry finish

hang up and then into the steamer steaming.Ms. Wang said, the large boiler, “steaming” is the production of the banner is a critical step in the process,parajumpers paris, after the flag color printing is not stable, and only through high temperature “steaming” in order to reinforce the color of adhesion,piumino moncler, without bleaching.In addition, Ms. Wang said, after internal “steam” of the flag material contains water, then after washing and drying,pjs doudoune, the color will be more bright and full, “This steaming method is our specialty.”Ironing 6 minutes by hand ironing guarantee “no trace”Within the workshop, a dozen staff during cutting, ironing solid color after the flag. Liu said that the 4th is the last day of production tasks, ironing and testing, basic preparatory work has been completed.A female employee being ironed said the meeting produced over 3000 for the flag.

all hand-ironing,tn, the flag to be ironed every six minutes or so, to ensure that the surface does not have any creases flag to send test packaging. Beijing News reporter Li Tingting[Production process]Engraving: According to APEC economies flag and banner design, computer school map,discount christian louboutin shoes, choose SwatchesDyeing: the 1st flag hand-dyeing, the flag will turn white boards in different colors, “brush” the color; the 2nd flag printing machine, with a white flag in the face of the machine overall color inkjet directSteaming: the printing surface with good flag whole piece of cloth wrapped around the flag stand,doudoune moncler homme, into steamer “steaming” 30 minutes to fixingWashing and drying: the flag after fixing material clean,christian louboutin, and then dryingCrop: Under the banner of the size and proportions of cut out every bannerIroning: hand ironing the flag six minutes or so, to ensure that no creasesInspection: Inspection chef carefully check each flag pattern,abercrombie, color,scarpe hogan, size, etc.(Original title: APEC will send “corruption Statement”)EdBEIJING, Jan. 17, according to Taiwan, “BBC News” reported on the 17th,barbour pas cher, claiming “Lee � Brooks” (Lee Brooks) 26-year-old British woman Samantha � Brooks (Samantha Brooks), has recently been charged with her girlfriend fraud because in 2001 she began posing as a man,nike tn officiel, and two women exchanges,hollister pas cher, even to marry one of them,parajumpers homme, the whole cause of action currently Scottish courts. � Cixiongmobian Samantha Brooks, keep the flat head, wearing masculine,hollister outlet, around two exchanges girlfriend, his girlfriend since 2001 and the first eight years of contacts, began in February 2010 and the second girlfriend exchanges of 8 month during intercourse sex with two girlfriends.As a female in order to cover up the truth,nike store, Brooks to wear a condom dildo posing his “little brother”, claiming to suffer from testicular cancer, stop touching his girlfriend.

Master color white cloth spread on the platen different colors, color contrast with the pattern, two workers with a large brush plate in each platen brush back and forth at least three,doudoune parajumpers, in order to give the fabric color; and depends on hand effort to control the uniformity of size, it takes years of printing experience.One worker said that on one side there is the banner of several colors, you need to use several sets of plates, numbered sequentially according to color, “brush” after the color of a dry finish,woolrich milano, and then “brush” the next. And each time the color is on at about 45 meters on the whole piece of fabric operation.”Brush” color process will not “cross color”? Bai said, in fact, have a special color platen design, with eight heat pipes under the platen, allowing the over-colored cloth to dry quickly, and back deck, the next track color.Fixing Large boiler, “steam” 30 minutesInternal fixation workshop, two more than two meters in diameter large boiler-shaped steamer has been shut down. One worker said, the previous week,nike tn, two boilers “steam” of more than 3000 face the flag, all good banner printing is required through this “steaming” process.It is understood that the “steam” of the former first of all to the good whole piece dyeing cloth hanging in rows around two meters above the flag stand.

but with a bandage tied tight chest, to explain their own back burn, stab, so before doing so. Brooks would pee standing up, are “bubble bath” bath, a large number of bubbles under cover.