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for the Secretary of the Federal Chancellor, Minister of State with the car can be equipped with a private and non-staff of the unit,parajumpers paris, but the regulations required to pay a fee. General provisions for the use of official vehicles, if not official need not use the bus to work on staff transfers; not the unit who were not allowed to take no special reason, if they really need, subject to the approval of relevant departments, the rider must also signed a disclaimer . German government for travel per bus is equipped with a logbook, detail records for each trip. Management periodically checks Record Book, and retain for six years. Once a violation, will be held in accordance with the relevant personnel responsibilities violation severity.In Singapore,woolrich parka, the bus needs to use the same application for registration,abercrombie, for illustrative purposes. Therefore, civil servants are free unreasonable requirements. Singapore is very strict anti-corruption system and become an important external factors limiting Gongjusiyong. Singapore in recent years, there have been high-level civil servants because they are cheap, false expenses concierge cases smashed into prison jobs. Because senior civil servants higher wages,peuterey prezzi, do it more harm than good. Therefore,abercrombie france, the ministers would rather open car, do not want small expenses incurred due to the suspicion Gongsibufen.Strengthen supervisionIn order to promote the standardization of the use of the bus.

some countries continue to improve laws and regulations, and increase oversight of various media and the public.In Finland, the openness and transparency is one of the important principles of government work. Finnish civil servants wages and subsidies are open and transparent, citizens have the right to know. The public via the Internet, the media and the Library of Parliament and other channels,hogan outlet, easy to understand and supervise the government. Finnish media plays a crucial role in the oversight of government officials, particularly sensitive issues involving public expenditure. For example,hollister italia, in July 2011,nike air max, Finland Venevision first disclosed several members overuse taxi situation. This message is followed by a number of media outlets in Finland, the Finnish Parliament to promote the financial sector had to take a taxi to limit members. In addition,barbour soldes, there are strict Finnish civil law,cheap christian louboutin shoes, to comply with the provisions of the civil service ethics and law and order and the maintenance of a clean image of the code of conduct, civil servants and other little things will not break the law because Gongjusiyong.

must pay the appropriate fees to the government office and courier vehicles annually.In Japan, the government is divided into special vehicles inside the car and shared car. Major decisions based on the number of official vehicles to be equipped with frequent degree leading car numbers and organs of public activities. For example,moncler, Japan is responsible for the management of the Ministry of Internal Affairs official car use a total of more than 2,tn air max 2014 pas cher,000 staff and has 52 official vehicles. Where 24 is the leading car,peuterey, the other 28 are common vehicles,moncler piumini, the proportion of less. Bureau-level car for the exclusive use of the above leadership, leadership can only be used when performing their duties,tn requin, in principle,abercrombie and fitch, can not be handled by their private affairs. And the Deputy Minister of State may pick commuting by car,christian louboutin cheap, and the next director general only shuttle to the station, then take public transport to work.Strict Management of useIn addition to controlling the number of the bus,hollister soldes, but some countries in the form of legal provisions strictly regulate the use of the bus to avoid Gongjusiyong.In Germany.