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“nursing home care workers on rice quantitative, but not limited to the elderly. I eat, always hungry meal points. Father requirements every time more Dafan, then secretly give me much food to eat. “April 2004, nursing homes collapse, Wang Daosheng home. When it comes to hiring a nanny, “my father would ask Tula Khan to name names.” WangXingGuo recalled, “in a nursing home when we knew her, knew her dad to take care of me very carefully, of course, familiar with the best of care . “The news that the newly unemployed Tula Khan also willing to take care of Wang Daosheng, 500 yuan a month’s wages.In order to take care of Wangdao Sheng, who lives in Grand Bay,parajumpers paris, Tula sweat get up every morning, 7:00,christian louboutin pas cher, 9:00 to Wang Daosheng former home, to help him massage, scrub, locker, 21:00 feed the dinner before leaving.Wages are not high, time-consuming and long,parajumpers paris, Tula Khan tells Wang Daosheng conscientious care.

the father of the Tula Khan as his daughter.

Tula Khan has been doing things within their own.2003 first day of the evening, Wang Daosheng wife passed away, Wang Daosheng paralyzed to do anything in bed, children half past one will also catch, however, Tula sweat on a person busy preparing to give the old lady scrub body,doudoune parajumpers, change clothes to wear old clothes, grooming …”That was my first contact with the person’s death, was pretty scared, but I still insist, listening to Father’s command to wait finish lady.” Tula Khan recalled.It is after this special care, Tula Khan attentive and kind to let in mind,woolrich outlet, they also gradually conversational. Tula Khan had been wronged,hollister outlet, will enlighten her; have what it takes to pull sweat spit think will step in advance. “Father, I believe, is also very good for me.” Tula Khan said.

Tula Khan and her husband brought her daughter was admitted to the elderly in.”Tula Khan one and my father lived together, we make children very happy.” WangXingGuo said Wang Daosheng happy just because they take care of it well, but also because they bring a lot of joy to his father. “My father taught her to Shandong, she taught Uighur father said. Kad Bi Noor is a baby, his father not pain.” Every Spring Festival, Wang Daosheng will give Cameroon a bi Noor and other grandchildren the same amount of red .In 2009, Khan’s father died in Tula. Two years later,boutique louboutin paris, her husband died because of heart attack. Successive blow let Tula Khan mood fell trough. “At that time,outlet hogan, thanks to the Father, and he constantly encouraged me, enlighten me, and said, ‘Life is not to make life difficult for the Hom’, say I have a baby daughter, to her daughter that I’m alive.” Tula Khan said, “My father is gone,boutique louboutin, I Father took as my father. “By the end of 2011, full paralysis, life can not take care of themselves, take care of Tula sweat like a baby to wait on him. For two years, Tula Khan phlegm regularly targeted to the elderly,woolrich online, the elderly can not defecate when dry stool, Tula Khan will pull out of hand a little bit.”Really, Tula Khan to take care of my father than we do these children are careful.” Wang Xingguo, “said his father paralysis This year,louboutin pas cher, no students had a bedsore, no other disease too.”In June, in conscious when brought together a few old home in the neighborhood, made a will. Apart from simple funeral, do not accept the funeral, the last one is now living in the house of his free gift of Tula sweat.”For my father decided I very much support.” Said Wang Xingguo, Tula Khan, his father as a father.

which makes her family did not understand. But Khan did not explain Tula,parka woolrich, still evening, go home and tell the health of the elderly family members. “Is to take care habits,barbour, after all, for years.” Now and then asked the reason, so Tula Khan said.Under the influence of Tula Khan, her family began to be concerned about the situation of the elderly, and occasionally went to Wang Daosheng home with him to chat. “My father often sit on the bed and Father each other by foot.” Tula Khan said,louboutin, “two very pro Father, from the big work I am able to talk to.”2008,doudoune parajumpers, Tula Cameroon bi Noor Khan’s daughter was born. After 40 days Tula sweating months,woolrich italia, continue to return Wang Daosheng around to take care of him. But also take care of the child care for the elderly, Tula sweat began to feel powerless.Tula Khan tired,hogan, Wang Daosheng look in the eyes,basket louboutin, he invited a three Tula Khan live with him. In this way.