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hit the outgoing interim president, as president in favor of transitional Dion Kunda? Traore.Soldiers stand guard accusedPresidential person who asked not to be named, told AFP reporters, protesters morning to break the defense guards,parajumpers, into the presidential palace, being beaten inside Traore.Reuters reported that protesters into the presidential palace,hollister pas cher, the soldiers seem to stand guard and let people climb the nearby military vehicles,hollister homme, some even riding a motorcycle into the presidential palace. “He (Traore) were beaten, but not life-threatening, went to the hospital.” The source said. Reuters quoted witnesses as saying,barbour france,hollister Wg1nsyK8sk0PVApXk1, Traore face was scratched by a bodyguard escort to the hospital.Military coup established “democratic revival and reconstruction National Committee,” the spokesman Bakary? Marico confirmed that protesters “played badly,” Traore torn clothes torn Presidential photos . “Three people were killed and many gunshot wounds … bodyguards opened fire into the crowd.”Upcoming transitional presidentTraore.

at the beginning, he did not want to admit that he was the driver, can be told after surveillance cameras along the way,louboutin femme, only nodded. “I think the service area to find someone, the result opened it, they stopped at the roadside and walk past.” Zhang argued. However, police smelled and his dialogue to an alcohol, the alcohol test will be carried out,hollister france site, the result is 58mg / 100ml, for driving after drinking.After police asked that Zhang had had an argument with his wife,giuseppe zanotti femme, drove after drinking to forget to relax, unknowingly on a high speed. To here when Zhang suddenly found in front of the public security checkpoints, can already pass through the service area, but unfortunately he had to be illegally parked car in the emergency lane. Due to go out urgent, Zhang did not carry a cell phone, a phone call to the service area to help a friend to drive, I did not expect was to be found in the traffic police. It is understood that, in addition to receiving Zhang drunk driving penalties,hogan interactive donna Qn5vmX7p9arSBAMcnw, but also because of illegally parked and was fined 200 yuan note 6 points.(Original title: Jiejiuxiaochou quarrel with his wife on a high-speed carHundreds of protesters broke into the 21st Mali presidential palace.

now 70 years old,christian louboutin pas cher, has received education in Mali,doudoune moncler homme gTwLgLDdkYOZFCG3QA,hollister pas cher homme, Algeria and France,hollister, in 1978 returned to any teacher. Later, he became a trade union activist, was arrested several times.Former President Toure of Mali scheduled for April this year after retiring presidential election,hollister online, Traore is one of the presidential candidates. Part of the March 22 military coup overthrew Toure, suspended the constitution.

including France, Switzerland, Canada, Spain, and finally won by the German champion,tiffany roma M02Ac7p43DpuluwXYz,hogan stivali donna, runner-up France ranks .Union Leader Yves Leclerc accept the “Le Parisien” (Le Parisien) access,, said participants and respect for difference Assembly rites, “Only a few reviews have clothes,” and in order not to scare others, but also to the participants feel more comfortable,woolrich arctic parka dx2zoHmkbAVGhYN321, all the windows around the pool cover up beforehand.Reported that the French amateur league “celestial” estimates there are 150 million people in the country have no respect for the environment, lifestyle clothing barriers,abercrombie, Paris and even a public swimming pool open during the week for a fixed period of time like the nude bathers.(Original title: nude beach tournament held in France to Taiwan media: Even the audience is naked Yangzi Evening News (Reporter correspondent Wan Qing Guo Yipeng loose) after a fight with his wife,hogan outlet, the man angrily drove out, drinking to forget after driving on the road again,sweat hollister pas cher, the results of the four bridges on high speed. Later found in front of the checkpoint, he illegally parked car in the emergency lane, trying to contact a friend came to help drive may eventually be seen through the traffic police,woolrich outlet online, drunk driving behavior and therefore exposure.At 15:25 on August 25,christian louboutin femme w8ao1BMIN4S1yf3A8h, when the high-speed four teams in the Yangtze River Bridge traffic police patrol discovered a car parked in the emergency lane violation,braccialetto tiffany, but the car was empty. Under police strange look around,tiffany italia uoQ2H5ukHZZ0zlO85o,doudoune moncler pas cher, and seeing a man down from the ramp onto the high-speed service area. The man was stopped by traffic police to ask. The man is the car driver Zhang.