Pearly Penile Papules – Have You Thought Of Laser Ablation To Remove Them?

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Even though pearly penile papules are not dangerous, they can cause rather significant mental problems for a man that has them.

Pearly penile papules are not any kind of sexually transmitted disease nor they’re contagious in any way. They have also absolutely nothing to do with your personal hygiene. They are simply benign formations that arise in some men.
Generally, pearly penile papules require no treatment. They can, however, be cause for anxiety. Out of a number of accessible options, if you have been checking out methods for pearly penile papules treatment, carbon dioxide (CO2) laser ablation is one possible alternative.

Take it easy… ablation is just a fancy word for removal. The word “laser” is actually an acronym. It indicates light amplification by stimulated emission radiation. CO2 lasers produce their light energy by the excitation of carbon dioxide gas.
CO2 laser ablation helps the skin to form new healthy skin. The treatment evaporates the liquid in the tissue, hence making the papules disappear.
CO2 laser treatment is commonly used method in numerous other medical procedures as well. Some common examples include plastic surgery and certain dental treatments. While there is a lot of experience about utilizing this method, you can be rather comfy about it being reliable.

It is essential that you do some research, ask lots of questions, and use your common sense. Make sure the treatment is done at a proper facility, and not, for example, at someone’s home.
Ask about the risks of the procedure and what kind of acquirements the facility has in the case of unexpected emergency. Also, find out how experienced the specialist is with these types of treatments.
Even though CO2 laser ablation is a common treatment, have the specialist give you an extensive examination to be certain that the treatment is appropriate for you. Bear in mind, your comfort as well as safety are of the utmost importance.

CO2 laser treatment is done as an outpatient procedure. It is important to have the treatment done by an adequately accredited dermatologist. After the treatment, most men can go back to work right away.
In the procedure itself, the treated location is numbed prior to the use of laser. After that, the laser is utilized to eliminate the penile papules.
Some symptoms that might take place after the procedure include swelling and redness for a couple of days. Within two weeks the area will be totally healed. One negative aspect of CO2 laser ablation is the cost. Since insurance usually doesn’t cover this treatment, lots of patients just can’t afford it.

In conclusion, if you can afford to CO2 laser treatment, it can be extremely effective way to do away with your embarrassing pearly penile papules.

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