Perfect Application of Industrial Machines in Rock Crushing

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By introducing foreign new technology and coupled with years of production management and customers’ feedbacks, Hongxing developed the new high efficient sand making machine—vertical shaft impact crusher integrating crushing and shaping function together, fully embodying the rubble shaping technology of the new high efficient sand making machine. Generally speaking, there are primary crushing, secondary crushing and screening in a stone crushing line. Cone crusher is one of the most common secondary crushing equipments. There is no doubt that the advent of the new high efficient sand making machine pushed the development of the sand making technology and city construction. With the high stability and reliability, big crushing ratio, strong processing capacity, good grain shape, Hongxing new high efficient sand making machine fully embodies the gravel crushing and sgaping technology.

Cone crusher is used in stone crushing perfectly. First of all, the most prominent advantage of cone crusher is that it can crush hard material, which is other secondary equipment cannot meet. Cone crusher crushes the stone by extruding, and the spare parts are abraded not so much. Secondary, the discharge opening of cone crusher can be adjusted in a large range, and its minimum discharge size can reach 3mm. So cone crusher is used for sand making sometimes. Sand making machine is widely used in the sand and stone production. It is mainly used for materials crushing and can be widely adapted to different stones crushing such as all kinds of ores, cement, refractory materials, bauxite clinker, carborundum, glass raw materials, machine-made building stones and gold slag, especially higher than other types of crusher production effect for silicon carbide, corundum, sintered bauxite, and other hard and wear resistant materials crushing.

But the capacity of cone crusher will be small when it is used as sand maker. It is because that the smaller final products you require, the longer stone will stay in the cavity. In addition, the automaticity of cone crusher is higher than other secondary crushing equipments. The hydraulic cleaning chamber system saves the labor cost. Moreover, the hydraulic cone crusher is the most advanced cone crusher, which has the advantages of high capacity, high automaticity and so on.