Performance advantage and working principle of vibrating screen

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The YK vibrating screen has a light and heavy duty according to its use. The sieve surface has a single layer and multi-layer structure, mainly for the dry classification of sieving granular and small bulk materials. The vibrating screen is a high-efficiency vibrating screen produced by cash technology, with adjustable amplitude and intensity, long screening distance of material, multi-layer screening and high screening efficiency.

Product Advantage
1. Block eccentricity as excitation force, high vibration intensity, large production capacity and high screening efficiency.
2, the material in the sieve can jump out to prevent screen holes from blocking.
3. The screen cross beam and the screen box are connected with high strength bolts without welding.
4. The tire couplings are flexible and connected smoothly.
5. simple structure, smooth operation, easy maintenance, long service life and long service life.
6. It can change the dip angle of the screen surface so as to change the movement speed of the material along the screen surface and improve the processing capacity of the screen.

Vibrating Screen Working Principle
The motion trajectory of the sieve box of the YK type vibrating screen is round or oval. The vibrating screen vibrates by an inertial exciter. The vibration source is usually driven by an electric motor. The circular vibrating screen is a single axis vibrator fixed on the sieve box. The eccentric body of the spindle is rotated by the vibration motor and rotates on the spindle to produce centrifugal inertia force, so that the sieve box that can vibrate freely can produce vibration of approximate circular trajectory.

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