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Since the advent of new sand making machine by the love of the vast number of new and old customers, new sand making machine under the old system of sand machine principle transformation, greatly reducing the old sand making machine disadvantages, then new sand making machine in the end what characteristics? It is different with the old sand making machine. Where is it? Here are one one summary.

1 automatic detection, safe and reliable, set up the vibration display and alarm device, if the device has a bad run, can be issued a warning, so that the device to stop working.

2.The vulnerability of consumption is low, the best crushing cavity material impact angle design, less friction and wear parts, directly reduce the use cost of the equipment.

3.Excellent products, grain shape, the product of a cube, grain shape, reasonable gradation, fineness modulus can be adjusted; particularly suitable for artificial sand and stone shaping.

4. processing capacity, high output, compared with the same power under the traditional equipment, production increased by 30% and stable.

5 .hydraulic device, easy to maintain, hydraulic open cover device, so that the broken cavity parts overhaul and easy to change, shorten the downtime, save time and effort.

6. more than one machine, the application of flexible, unique feeding and crushing structure, with a variety of broken cavity, thus solving the problem of a multi-purpose machine.

7 .dilute oil lubrication, automatic maintenance, Germany’s original oil lubrication station, double oil pump complementary to ensure that the supply of oil, no oil flow, no oil when automatic stop.

8. the installation is simple, easy to operate, the equipment is light, the installation method is varied, can move the installation; installation, maintenance and maintenance is simple, easy to operate.