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eventually because of public opinion and decision-making sake layer and unable to do so,peuterey prezzi, so that the death penalty financial fraud has become an island of fraud class of crime. “As early as a decade ago,louboutin, the abolition of the death penalty for non-violent crime initiatives, criminal law research center of Renmin University of China has published a series of articles in which Lu Jianping and his doctoral Yeliang Fang wrote an article that is “on the financial fraud legislation questioned the death penalty. “”At that time, our view is that for financial fraud should not apply the death penalty.” Said Lu Jianping, 10 years later,pandora bijoux, the momentum of financial fraud and crime is still high, the judicial practice of the implementation of fund-raising fraud defendant sentenced to death in cases from time to time happen,air max pas cher femme, even in some places there is expansion trend. “We believe that should be corrected view a decade ago,peuterey, advocated the immediate repeal of the death penalty on financial fraud legislation,air max pas cher enfant, or the next best thing, the judicial immediately stop financial fraud apply the death penalty.”For financial fraud and other non-direct infringement of the right to life of economic crimes, “complete abolition of the death penalty” has become the voice of the majority of scholars and experts. “This is a respect for the value of human life,louboutin femme, is an ethical awakening, is a social progress.” Lu Jianping said.Eventually, after the review considered the supreme law, may be implemented immediately to Wu Ying sentenced to death,giuseppe zanotti, and ruled that remand.May 21, 2012,christian louboutin pas cher, Wu Ying was sentenced to death, suspended for two years. After the expiration of two years reprieve, Wu Ying was commuted to life imprisonment.”Go one step further than not go stronger.”Today,nike tn, the central leaders also noted that shares of voices from civil society, the eighth session of the Third Plenary clear that the death penalty be gradually reduced charges.March 2014.

life and money equal to equate directly. In fact,barbour pas cher, no amount of money can not be equal with life, the death penalty for economic crimes has no legitimate rationality.”On the road of abolishing the death penalty, economic crime must have been the first to repeal.” said on the death penalty,red bottom boots, improving the death penalty applicable standards is more important than reducing the death penalty charges, but also more meaningful.Over the years, Justification been initiated and promoted the abolition of the death penalty. Justification know that in the human spirit, faith-based difficulties, legislative and judicial practice-oriented aspects,christian louboutin, immediately advocated the abolition of the death penalty for his proposed government and the general public can not accept, “aimed at targeting the stars than the treetops Bird on to play high, I propose to go two steps further you go, I propose to go one step better than you do not go much stronger. “(Original title: death fBEIJING, Oct. 31, according to Ministry of Civil Affairs website news.

during the two sessions,Giuseppe Zanotti, Jiang Ming and other 36 deputies who signed the motion to the NPC recommended the abolition of the death penalty financial fraud.Jiang Ming considered an interview, the maximum financial fraud may impose the death penalty is extremely wrong. In judicial practice,louboutin pas cher, for financial fraud conviction there is a huge problem Shangqie differences and disputes,hollister femme, “the death penalty, if applicable,nike tn pas cher, later found conviction is wrong, very difficult to have remedies. Financial fraud is a system of Shame, should focus on address market system is imperfect, too much government intervention and regulation is not in place. “Prior to this, the National People’s Congress Law Committee has been in financial fraud investigation abolition of the death penalty issue.Sun Zhongwei believes that emerging capital punishment wrong case to make the judicial authority and credibility of the decline, the death penalty is theoretically impossible to completely avoid mistakes, only minimize. Even if only one ten thousandth of the rate of death misjudged cases, individuals who once fell,christian louboutin outlet, it is converted to 100% of the tragedy. The death penalty in practice often is also not applicable to local expansion and abuse.Sun Zhongwei took a lot of economic crime cases of capital punishment, the death penalty for economic crimes have a more profound feelings.In his view, financial fraud and other economic crimes punishable by death.